Week One With Windows 8

posted Mar 25, 2012, 10:45 PM by Peter Montgomery
After one week with using Windows 8, i am mildly amused about how they got rid of the start button but i do not think the public is going to be as amused, in fact i think that the public is in a great place to finally choose something completely different, i do like the performance, i installed it on an older Toshiba Satellite with only 1g of ram and an 80g hard drive and i have found that it moves along very well, it opens MS Office products with ease, I also installed Autocad 2009 "which would not install on Windows 7" and it has run with surprising speed, overall i would give high marks for performance. Without the start button Microsoft has chosen to go with has been dubbed the Charms bar which rests on the right side of the screen and to access it by dragging the cursor to the top or bottom corner on the right side or keystroke windows+c, this is what has replaced the start button and after awhile getting used to it i have found that it is fun and viable and if you find yourself working and you have to share your work it's just on the charm and an email away......nice, the integration of cloud services is very good on any standard.

next week i will talk more about the cloud capabilities and the ease of use that i am just starting to get used to.....

P.S. have a great week and stay positive.