Week 6 With Windows 8

posted May 17, 2012, 5:24 PM by Peter Montgomery
No matter what happens in this life, keep your passions alive and new technology, gadgets and operating systems really make me tick and windows 8 is proving to be a a quality, adaptable, very stable, low impact operating system, with multiple desktop options in how it looks and feels, it something for everyone, Below is a snapshot what it it looks like, "very much like and X-Box" but after using it for awhile it turns into an item ver much like your phone, click the icon and straight to your, the start buttoned has been rendered obsolete, with the ability of it running on older machines there is no need to run out and spend more money on new gear, It also works great with older software, no more fumbling around with compatibility mode, it's still there btu you will not use it much, working within a networked environment has never been easier, your just a right click and share away from a meeting, 

next report i will be working with graphics and webs.