Product Lifecycle Management System (PLM)

Philips Topaz Gem Pick & Place Machine

Electrovert Bravo 4050 Reflow

Hollis Future1 Wave Solder Machine

Electroverteconopack II

Electrovert Selective Soldering System

Essemtec SP 200 Automatic Screen Printer

Auto Align and Optic System

Mantis Vision System

Optical Inspection (AOI) Machine
We use an Automated Optical Inspection(AOI) Machine in our build process.This AOI is used from Small Prototype runs,through larger production runs.With the addition of this Machine, We are able to deliver the quality product to the Customers.We will provide AQL or 100%.

This Machine eliminates the subjectivity and variability occasionally associated with the Manual Visual Inspection.It will Inspect Component placement, orientation, polarity, correct component and Solder Quality. 

Testing Solutions                                                                        

Our final test facilities ensure that completed assemblies undergo Functional Testing,RF Testing, Burn-In and Final Box Testing. We offer our customers a total solution from the Board level. The dedication to building a quality product is the centerpiece of our business policy. This is reflected in our many individual customer accolades. We are committed to fulfilling our customers on-going quality requirements through the continuous improvements of all internal processes. Our total quality management (TQM) system emphasizes prevention rather than detection. We followTQM for the highest operating standards at all levels.

We Provide Testing Solutions in:

Functional Testing

RF Testing

In Circuit Testing

Burn-in and Final-Box Testing

Performance Testing

Trouble Shooting

All the Tests are performed by qualified Electronics Test Engineers.