Treasure Zap

Feed your appetite for adventure

in this dazzling puzzle game for all ages!

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Treasure Zap. By Youngsoft.

Welcome to Skull Island where your very survival relies on your wit and will.  Allow the Skull Timer to reach zero and Skull Island sinks – taking priceless magical artifacts, not to mention YOU along with it.   To appease the island’s mystical spirits, we must play their matching game, demonstrating our worthiness to claim these hallowed treasures…

Swap each treasure with an adjacent one to form a chain of three or more treasures of the same type. For each successful chain, WATCH OUT! They disappear, only to be replaced by new, random trinkets that may or MAY NOT be what you need to finish the level before the SKULL TIMER runs out. 

With 40 levels of intense, thought-provoking gameplay intended to test your appetite – and ability – for adventure, these treasures are anything BUT ordinary:


Taste the succulent flesh of ZOMBIE STRAWBEWWIES….watch as their power transmorphs anythingaround it to more STRAWBEWWIES… Great for combos, these ghoulish berries will actually aid your quest…

unlike…..the black magic of ELVEN BOOTS…forged in the heart of a volcano by the dark elf Malekith the Trickster, these seemingly innocuous ELVEN BOOTS will DRAIN YOUR TIME and DESTROY YOUR POINTS…. Match these relics and watch helplessly as the Skull Timer brings you closer to your doom…avoid the elfin boots at all costs!! 

It will take all your bravery to work with the particularly sensitive SKULL BOMBS…manipulate them like a normal gem if you will, but normal they are not:  Simply tap one to ExPLoDE it!  Remember, exploding a skull bomb destroys all vertical horizontal gems around it and gives you a 14 gem combo ;-)

If your mettle proves your skill and bravery on Skull Island, you may just be smiled upon by the gods of old…  Mighty Starjack, the noble warrior who banished the hordes into the island itself, gave his life to perform the charm…But his spirit still lingers in these hallowed grounds, if you get the SUPERMAN MEDALLIONS… you will know that Starjack’s spirit watches over you as that is his mark.  You would be lucky to see the mark of Starjack, for aligning each group of SUPERMAN MEDALLIONS will convert every gem to Supermen, netting you a 42-gem combo, and a few more seconds of survival.

Now it is up to YOU – your bravery, wisdom, and wit – lucky adventurer.

For Skull Island awaits, and time waits for no man…