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Current App Phase : Available at the ITunes store
App Store Pricing : $ 0.99

iAid App Status

Version : 1.1
Completion Status :                     100%                
Scheduled Completion Date : 02/15/2010
Scheduled App Store Submission Date : 03/05/2010
App Store Approval Date : 03/24/2010
Up-gradation Date : Based on User Feedback

  • Provides location details via email to all your SOS contacts which includes a google map link of the location of the user along with other useful info with a SINGLE CLICK.
  • Gives user the ability to locate their position using AGPS, useful when you are in an unknown part of town or place.
  • Gives user the ability to send the location through email to a friend for them to catch up with you.
  • Can be used to send your location to a contact for them to reach you when you are in new city or town.
  • Provides SOS indicator which flickers to send message is Morse code - Visual SOS signal useful to identify and pass on a discreet message.
  • Attractive and easy to identify Application Icon and interface for easy and quick operation