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Current App Phase : Available at the iTunes Store
App Store Pricing :  $ 0.99

RoadServ App Status

Version : 1.0
Completion Status :                          100%                     
Scheduled Completion Date : 02/25/2010
Scheduled App Store Submission Date : 04/10/2010
App Store Approval Date : 05/02/2010
Up-gradation Date : As defined by users

  • Provides with 30 locations each for emergency services within 100 miles including Hospitals, Towing services, Garages, Hotels and Gas Stations along with their present location and the location of the user mapped in the map.
  • Gives the user the ability to find and map route to the services and which have been found pin in to the map , user has the option of choosing three types of routes : pedestrian, bicycle or car.
  • Provides the exact distance, time, start and end location point from the start location to the end location.
  • Consists of manual search which the user can use to search for particular landmarks, etc and map the route to them using the services defined above.
  • Users has the option of searching these landmarks within a radius of 10 miles to entire earth, the first 100 locations are marked into the map.