The YGL-Baltimore Executive Board is in the process of implementing a significant change to the Chapter’s organizational structure. As previously announced, the Board is currently recruiting members to contribute to the process of decision-making and planning by serving on Chapter Subcommittees. We encourage you to consider joining a YGL-Baltimore Subcommittee — this is an opportunity for you to contribute your talents to YGL in a meaningful fashion, strengthen your leadership skills, expand your network, and have fun with likeminded people along the way! 

Here are descriptions of YGL-Baltimore Subcommittees currently under development. We anticipate that Subcommittees will meet bimonthly: 

Outreach — The Outreach Subcommittee will assist with member recruitment by:

  • Increasing awareness of YGL -Baltimore at government agencies within the Baltimore Metropolitan Area which are unrepresented or under-represented within Chapter membership, and maintaining relationships/networks with government agencies (federal, state, and local) throughout the Baltimore Metropolitan area;
  • Conducting outreach at various events with targeted agencies to recruit new members into YGL, and to assist agencies in bringing their employees to YGL programs and events to strengthen professional development.

Community Service — The Community Service Subcommittee will provide members with opportunities to contribute volunteer service to nonprofit and civic organizations in the Baltimore area by:

  • Planning, scheduling, and implementing regular Community Service events and projects suitable for member participation;
  • Collaborating with the Marketing/Social Media and other subcommittees to publicize opportunities for volunteer service in the Baltimore area; and encourage member participation.

Professional Development —The Professional Development Subcommittee will provide members with opportunities to develop professional and leadership skills by:

  • Planning, scheduling, and implementing regular Professional Development Events to help members access in-formal guidance from government professionals in leadership positions on topics related to career development;
  • Collaborating with the Marketing/Social Media and other subcommittees to publicize Professional Development Events and encourage member participation.


Marketing/Social Media — The Marketing/Social Media Subcommittee will encourage member engagement and improve the visibility of YGL-Baltimore by:

  • Developing and implementing a marketing plan to increase member engagement and increase awareness of YGL-Baltimore within government agencies and other organizations. Activities will include creating and distributing news-letter, website, and other social media content to engage YGL-Baltimore’s target audience.

Networking/Social Events — The Networking/Social Events Subcommittee will provide members with opportunities to meet and network informally by:

  • Planning, scheduling, and implementing regular Networking/Social Events to facilitate informal interaction.



Fellow YGLers!

As you know, YGL Baltimore is committed to providing you with access to events and resources that support the development of your professional and leadership skills. Towards that end, we periodically administer membership surveys to gather information about your needs and interests. We are currently conducting our YGL Baltimore Fall 2015Membership Survey. We have included a link to the survey in the November 2015 issue of the YGL Baltimore Newsletter. You will receive this issue of the Newsletter via email shortly.

Please complete the YGL Baltimore Fall 2015 Membership Survey by December 30, 2015. Your input will help ensure that YGL Baltimore events and resources meet the needs of our members. We are exploring new and innovative options for YGL Baltimore events and programs, and your input is critical as we move forward with our planning. Your survey responses are anonymous, confidential, and will be used only for this purpose.

The YGL Baltimore Fall 2015 Membership Survey also includes an opportunity for you to let us know if you’d like to contribute your talents to a YGL Baltimore Subcommittee, or to one of the following currently vacant Executive Board positions:

  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Event Coordinator

Thanks in advance for contributing to YGL Baltimore’s mission by completing the YGL Baltimore Fall 2015 MembershipSurvey by December 30, 2015. we appreciate your input, and we look forward to seeing you at a future event!

– YGL Baltimore Executive Board