The YGL-LA Mission


To serve as a nonpartisan and united voice for young government in greater Los Angeles through the recruitment and retention of young public servants and the creation of a network of aspiring future leaders in government. YGL-LA will help members build relationships across all levels of government within greater Los Angeles and develop leadership skills to advance their careers and impact our community.


To educateinspire, and transform the current and future generations of government.

YGL-LA will accomplish this goal through the following:


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Publications, events, and initiatives featuring current government leaders and aspiring future leaders discussing career and leadership.

Next Generation of Government Training Summit
Washington, DC | July 24-25, 2014


Recruit and retain the best and brightest in greater Los Angeles government. Provide pathways to career advancement within City, County, State, and Federal government and opportunities for cross-sector innovation and collaboration within greater Los Angeles.

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