Being part of the Honolulu chapter of Young Government Leaders (YGL) offers amazing opportunities to connect & engage with influential government and state Leaders, public figures, senior executives, potential mentors and the movers and shakers of Hawaii's Federal, State & Local government! No matter what age you are, from the aspiring to the well-established leaders in government, and even those new to government, if you are dedicated & passionate about public service, YGL is for you!

The mission of Young Government Leaders Honolulu is to educate, inspire, and transform the current and future leaders of government. YGL is committed to serving as a coordinated voice for the current and future generations of young government leaders by providing a community of leadership through professional development activities, community service, networking opportunities, social events, seminars and fellowships.

We connect government employees across the state with new opportunities to expand their professional development while networking and serving Hawaii's communities.

Our membership includes local, state, and Federal employees; mentors, mentees, active and retired military, college students hoping to enter public service upon graduation; public servants at all levels of government; and people of all ages. Young is not an age, but a mindset and we are comprised of people of all ages and backgrounds. The breadth of our membership provides exciting networking opportunities and is a valuable asset to our chapter.

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YGL was founded in 2003 by a group of young government employees seeking new connections across federal agencies. Since then, YGL has grown to provide the authentic voice for young government leaders across federal, state, and local government. We are the only 501(c)(3) non-profit, professional organization founded by – and led by – young government employees. We work to actively build a community of leadership for public servants across the country by hosting a variety of events and programs designed to help new and aspiring leaders to gain an edge on their professional and leadership development, build lasting relationships with other aspiring government leaders, and develop potential solutions to the significant challenges facing government today. 

We have grown significantly since YGL’s inception. What began as a few employees working in their spare time has become a robust organization with almost 10,000 members.