YGL Bethesda

Through professional development, social, volunteer, and other activities, we aim to strengthen young government leaders’ commitment to public service. YGL-Bethesda serves as a forum for public servants to connect with each other, collaborate on meaningful projects, and have fun with their colleagues across government.

YGL-Bethesda values our members and their service of the American people through their government work. We recognize the importance of recruiting and retaining enthusiastic, talented people in the government, and we see YGL-B as a means to achieve that objective.

YGL is a network of young professionals working in, for, and with the Federal Government.
YGL-Bethesda is dedicated to:

Connect. The Federal Government is massive, and while opportunities abound it can be a scary place to fly solo. We’re committed to connecting you with people just like you for support, advice and networking.

Collaborate. YGL-Bethesda reaffirms the value of collaboration with our peers to learn, advance and grow. The number of young federal employees is growing by the day (or at least by the pay period); it’s time we formed a community.

HAVE FUN! The generations entering the workforce are redefining “Life/Work Balance”; many of us like to work hard and play hard. YGL-Bethesda is here to translate that energy into social gatherings, outdoor activities, volunteer work, and a slew of other ways to have fun.