YGL Baltimore

Welcome to the Baltimore Chapter of Young Government Leaders (YGL Baltimore)!

We are a volunteer organization of energetic Government employees dedicated to developing, strengthening and invigorating the public service community. We accomplish these goals by forging strategic partnerships, and by creating opportunities for our members to engage in networking, professional development, mentorship, and local outreach activities. We serve over 500 members from a range of federal, state, and local government agencies in the Baltimore area. If you have questions, please email us at baltimore@younggov.org or fill out the registration form below to join us. 

YGL Baltimore Registration Form

YGL Baltimore has the following board positions:

Vice Chairperson
Recruitment Coordinator 
Event Coordinator 
Marketing Officer 

Please visit our photos page to see what members currently hold these positions. If you are a YGL Baltimore member who is ready for leadership, let us know at baltimore@younggov.org.


So, you say you are ready, but not "that" ready? Consider joining one of the following subcommittees. Subcommittees are an excellent way to become an active member of YGL Baltimore and strengthen your team-building skills that every employer is looking for. Additionally, it is an opportunity to contribute your talents in a meaningful way, that will expand your network. And we are certain you will have fun with like-minded individuals. 

Each subcommittee is lead by a current board member, however active members are welcome to serve as leads at the board members discretion. For questions about joining a particular subcommittee, contact the subcommittee lead. 


The Outreach Subcommittee will assist with member recruitment by:

  • Increasing awareness of YGL -Baltimore at government agencies within the Baltimore Metropolitan Area which are unrepresented or under-represented within Chapter membership, and maintaining relationships/networks with government agencies (federal, state, and local) throughout the Baltimore Metropolitan area;
  • Conducting outreach at various events with targeted agencies to recruit new members into YGL, and to assist agencies in bringing their employees to YGL programs and events to strengthen professional development.

Community Service

The Community Service Subcommittee will provide members with opportunities to contribute volunteer service to nonprofit and civic organizations in the Baltimore area by:

  • Planning, scheduling, and implementing regular Community Service events and projects suitable for member participation;
  • Collaborating with the Marketing/Social Media and other subcommittees to publicize opportunities for volunteer service in the Baltimore area; and encourage member participation.

Professional Development 

The Professional Development Subcommittee will provide members with opportunities to develop professional and leadership skills by:

  • Planning, scheduling, and implementing regular Professional Development Events to help members access in-formal guidance from government professionals in leadership positions on topics related to career development;
  • Collaborating with the Marketing/Social Media and other subcommittees to publicize Professional Development Events and encourage member participation.

Marketing/Social Media

The Marketing/Social Media Subcommittee will encourage member engagement and improve the visibility of YGL-Baltimore by:

  • Developing and implementing a marketing plan to increase member engagement and increase awareness of YGL-Baltimore within government agencies and other organizations. Activities will include creating and distributing news-letter, website, and other social media content to engage YGL-Baltimore’s target audience.

Networking/Social Events

The Networking/Social Events Subcommittee will provide members with opportunities to meet and network informally by:

  • Planning, scheduling, and implementing regular Networking/Social Events to facilitate informal interaction

In the Land of Social Media

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*please note that social media sites currently lead to the social media pages of the National chapter of Young Government Leaders. Thanks for understanding while YGL Baltimore's pages are under construction.