June 27, 2017

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Last Week of School
Enjoy your last official week of school, everyone!  If you need to get in touch with teachers, please do so before noon on Thursday June 29.  After this, teachers will be heading home for the summer.  Our school will be closed on Monday, July 3rd, for the statutory holiday.  It will reopen again Tuesday, July 4th, before closing for the summer on Friday July 7th. Over the next two weeks if there is anything you need, let us know or stop by the school.

Letter from the Provincial Health Officer about Drug Overdoses
The government recently released a letter for schools to share with parents regarding drug overdoses and deaths in BC.  The target audience of the letter is grades 6 through 12 so please do not feel any obligation to read it if that does not apply to your situation.  The link to the letter can be found here.  (I realize this is information is not the most uplifting way to end the year but the timing of ministry announcements is beyond my control.)

Last Weekly Starter for 2017
From all the staff at YouLearn to you and your family, have an safe, exciting summer filled with wonderful memories!  Expect your next installment of our Weekly Starter to arrive in your email box on the first day of school, Tuesday September 5th. Until then, happy learning!  Once again, if you have not registered for the 2016-2017 school year. please do so asap.  

June 19, 2017

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Please make arrangements with your teacher to return any outstanding resources from this school year.  Needless to say, the more resources that are returned, the less money our school spends replacing them.  You help us out a great deal by returning resources that you no longer need.  

Wednesday, June 21 - Year-End DL Wrap-Up Oliver at Learning Centre: 11:00 - 12:30
Monday, June 26 - Year-End DL Wrap-Up Kelowna at Mission Creek Regional Park: 1:00 - 2:30
2017-2018 YouLearn Registration - Find the registration form here
2017-2018 District Calendar - Find the calendar here
Register for the 2017-2018 school year here

June 12, 2017

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Year-End Wrap-Up
Please note that there will be year-end wrap-ups for our families in both Oliver and Kelowna to close off the year.  Oliver's will take place at 11:00 on Wednesday, June 21st at our Learning Centre while Kelowna's will take place on Monday, June 26 at 1:00 at Mission Creek Regional Park.  

Keep Working
Thanks to all parents and students for submitting their work for the third term.  Teachers are busy marking and writing report cards over the next several weeks.  While the report card cut-off for Term 3 was last Thursday, this does not mean students cannot keep working right up to the end of June.  Please ensure your children finish strong and do their best to complete their programs by the end of the school year.  

Registrations and In-Take
I realize this is a repeat announcement, but it bears repetition.  If you plan to return to YouLearn for the coming school year, please register as soon as possible.  We will be attempting to in-take as many students as possible before the end of June but we cannot do so if a student is not registered.  You can find our 2017-2018 registration page here.  

June 5, 2017

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School Community Meetings
Each school in SD53 is presenting a summary of their school plans in the month of June.  Below is a schedule of the presentations:
Monday, June 12 at 6:30 at OSS - YouLearn, Osoyoos Secondary and Southern Okanagan Secondary School
Tuesday, June 13 at 6:30 at SESS - Cawston Primary and Similkameen Elementary Secondary School
Wednesday, June 14 at 6:30 at SOSS - Tuc-El-Nuit, Okanagan Falls Elementary, Oliver Elementary School, Okanagan Falls Elementary
If you would like to get an update on schools in our School District, please feel free to attend any or all sessions.  

Penticton Summer School
School District 67 is offering a summer school program for students in grades 6 - 8 who need to shore up their skills from the four core academic subjects of Math, Science, Socials and English.  Students must attend all day, every day in order to participate in the program.  Information about the program can be found here.  To submit an application, please read the application cover letter and fill out the application.  You will need to return the form to YouLearn before June 23rd.  

Elementary Report Card Cut-Off - This Thursday, June 8th
2017-2018 YouLearn Registration - Find the registration form here
Return Resources - Please return all resources that are not consumable to YouLearn
2017-2018 District Calendar - Find the calendar here

May 29, 2017

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Deadline Approaching
Please be aware that the elementary report card cut-off is at the end of next week on June 8th.  We ask that everyone submit evidence of student learning in all subject areas to their Drive folder and that parents complete the parent assessments in the PLP by that time.  Also, the report card cut-off date is NOT the end of the school year.  Students should continue to work on their program until the end of June.  However, only evidence submitted by June 8th will be reflected in the report card.  Also, one more reminder to complete the Communication Competency checklist that was sent out with the last report card and return to your teacher.  Finish strong, everyone!

Resources Returned
As you are aware, YouLearn provides curriculum resources to parents free of charge.  However, it does cost the school to provide these resources.  Therefore, in order to keep costs down, we require you to return textbooks and materials that are not "consumable" (workbooks, notebooks).  Please make arrangements with your teacher to return these materials by the end of the year.  Yukon parents can return these to Ernie and Glen this coming week.  

May 22, 2017

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Registration for 2017-2018
This is a reminder that registration is open for the 2017-2018 school year.  If you plan to return to YouLearn next year, please fill out a registration as soon as possible.  Here is a link to our registration page.  It is our desire to pair students with teachers, complete in-take, and resource as many students as possible before the end of the year to ensure our students have no delays to starting in September.  (A reminder that Yukon parents register with Aurora.)  Also, if you know of parents looking for a DL educational option, please do not hesitate to steer them our way.  

Yukon Visitation
Next week, May 29 - June 1st, Glen and Ernie will be travelling to Yukon to visit with our northern learners.  Therefore, should you need to meet with either of them, you will have to wait until the first week of June.  They look forward to meeting with parents and students from Yukon who have partnered with YouLearn to educate their children for 2016-2017 school year.  

May 15, 2017

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Parenting Workshop in Kelowna
Dr. Ross Greene is the author of the best sellers The Explosive Child and Lost at School and he is holding a parenting workshop in Kelowna.  His initial workshop on June 2nd sold out.  As a result, a second workshop has been added on June 1st.  A poster of the workshop can be viewed using this link.  Early registration rate closes May 17.  

Parenting Anxious Kids Workshops Begins Tuesday (Repeat)
A free workshop is being offered in Penticton titled "Parenting Anxious Kids" and takes place on three successive Tuesdays - May 16, 23 and 30th from 6:30 - 8:00 pm.  The workshop takes place at 740 Carmi Avenue in the multi-purpose room.  To register, phone Child and Youth Mental Health at 250-487-4422.  

Student Submissions
Please take time this week to upload student learning samples and update your child's Parent Assessment Summary. By this point in Term 3, your child's Drive should have learning samples in all eight subject areas and teacher/parent assessments/observations outlining your child's learning. Focusing on this over the next few days would be greatly appreciated, as we ready for the upcoming report card cut off on June 8, which is only 16 school days away!

May 8, 2017

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2017-2018 Registration Now Open
Our 2017-2018 registration form is now LIVE!  We encourage all returning families to register their children as soon as possible.  It is our hope to resource as many families as possible before the end of this year.  The earlier we know who is returning, the easier it is for us to organize.  If you know of other families looking for a distributed learning program, feel free to refer them. The registration link is found on our home page at  Yukon parents are reminded to complete the form found here.   

2017-2018 District Calendar
The calendar for the next school year has now been finalized and released to the public.  If you like to plan ahead, you can access the calendar here and start putting important dates on your calendar.  

June 8th Report Card Cut-Off
I thought it might be important to let you know of the report card cut-off for June - it is only one month away on June 8th.  This does not mean students cannot keep working on their academics until the end of June but it does mean that only items submitted before June 8th will be reflected on the report card.  In other words, this next month is crucial to demonstrate your child's progress in their subjects.  

May 1, 2017

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In last week's post, you will see two important announcements that bear repeating.  Yukon parents are encouraged to pre-register for the 2017-2018 school year using the link found here.  Local parents are reminded of the Parenting Anxious Kids session coming up in two weeks.  See details for both items below.  Also, we have received several Communications checklists from students but not nearly all of them.  Please complete the Communication checklist that was included with the report card and send it in to your child's teacher.  

Yukon Music Camps
Once again the Yukon Music Camp Society (YMCS) is offering summer camps from July 31st - August 5th.  If you are interested, please go to their home page at  Their purpose is to "assist in the education of Yukon musicians by sponsoring and organizing music camps in the Yukon".  They fill up quickly so act soon.  

Classroom Blog
I know there are a lot of YouLearn students involved in a variety of activities which are curricular related (Science Fairs, projects, assignments, etc) and extra-curricular (theatre, music, dance, sports, etc).  If you have something that might inspire the rest of the YouLearn family, please send the item to to put on the classroom blog.  Don't be shy!

April 24, 2017

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Parenting Anxious Kids
A free workshop is being offered in Penticton titled "Parenting Anxious Kids" and takes place on three successive Tuesdays - May 16, 23 and 30th from 6:30 - 8:00 pm.  The workshop takes place at 740 Carmi Avenue in the multi-purpose room.  To register, phone Child and Youth Mental Health at 250-487-4422.  

Pre-Registration - YUKON ONLY!
Thanks to the many Yukon parents who have already completed the pre-registration form indicating your school decisions for next year.  I was impressed with the quick response from all of you!!  If you have not completed the form yet, please access it here.  

Student Learning Resource Funds
This is a friendly reminder that this is the last week to access the SLR funds.  The fund closes on April 30th.   

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