December 11, 2017

posted by Glen Heinrichs

Christmas Parties
This is simply a reminder to indicate your attendance at the K-9 DL Party in Oliver this coming Wednesday from 11:00 to 1:00 by filling out the form found here or by phoning the school at (250)498-4597.  Also, if you live in the Yukon, please contact Kim Pearson at  or by phone at (867)633-3144 to confirm your attendance.  The party takes place at Yukon Horsepacking Adventures on December 20th starting at 12:00 noon.  

December 4, 2017

posted Dec 4, 2017, 8:01 AM by Glen Heinrichs

One to One Reading Cancelled
Unfortunately, we do not have tutors available to run the One-to-One reading program at this time.  We recognize that this is a valuable program that has helped many of our students increase their reading performance.  Nonetheless, we need tutors to run the program and it seems that all of our tutors are currently occupied in other endeavours.  We will try to run it again in the spring if we can find tutors.  

Must Sign into Google to Fill out the Form
I sent a few forms out last week for parents to complete.  Some parents emailed to tell me that they were not able to find the form.  It may be that you need to sign into your child's Google account before the form is accessible to you.  You will find the forms I am referring to in the post from last week.  If any of them apply to you, please complete them as soon as possible.  

Report Cards and Term Two
Most of you will not be receiving a report card this term but I trust you are still receiving timely feedback from your teacher on your child's progress.  Please remember to regularly submit work to your teacher and engage with your teacher through Fresh Grade or Google Docs.  Furthermore, it is a good time to take stock of pacing.  We just completed the first term which means there is two-thirds of the year remaining.  Has your child completed one third of the year's work by now?  This is a good time to make any necessary adjustments.  

November 27, 2017

posted Nov 22, 2017, 3:19 PM by Glen Heinrichs   [ updated Nov 27, 2017, 8:24 AM ]

Please note that each of the paragraphs below contain links to other documents indicated by green text and the word "here".  Be sure to click on them.  

Scotties Tournament of Hearts
I want all parents to know of an opportunity we are giving our students in January.  The national curling event called the Scotties Tournament of Hearts is taking place at the South Okanagan Events Centre from January 27 - February 4.  The tournament has generously offered schools the opportunity to obtain free tickets in order to promote the sport of curling to the next generation.  We have secured 30 tickets to the January 29th draw for the time 9:00 - 11:30 am.  If you are interested in attending the match, please fill in the Google form found here.  As tickets are limited, priority will be given to students followed by parents followed by everyone else.  

Okanagan Symphony 2018
Another opportunity we are offering our families is the Okanagan Symphony performance called Mozart the Magnificent.  The performance take place in: 
Kelowna on Monday, March 12th, 2018 at 10:00 am at the Kelowna Community Theatre and
Penticton on Tuesday, March 13th, 2018 at 10:00 am at Cleland Theatre.
Please do not feel obligated to attend in your location of residence.  If the performance in the neighbouring community works better for you, feel free to choose that option.  If you are interested in attending, fill out the google form found here.  

Our local public health nurse has asked us to remind everyone of the school immunization program.  Students receive immunization shots in grades 6 and 9 at regular public schools.  If your child is in one of these grades, or has missed an immunization, she would like you to be aware that you can make appointments to receive an immunization shot.  Here is a letter from her on the topic. 

Last week Christmas Party responses were requested from Yukon parents and those in the South Okanagan.  Please scroll down to last week's post to respond.  

November 20, 2017

posted Nov 20, 2017, 8:16 AM by Glen Heinrichs   [ updated Nov 20, 2017, 8:18 AM ]

Reporting Update
Thanks to the many parents who responded to our teachers about the value of report cards.  I can report that the majority of our parents do not find that the report card gives them additional information about their child's academic performance.  I trust that this is indicative of a couple of things:
a. the fact that our parents are highly involved in their child's education and 
b. that our reporting is ongoing, regular and continuous
As a result, our teachers are writing far fewer report cards than ever before.  They look forward to translating the time saved into more valuable efforts to advance your child's education.  Thanks for your input.  

Yukon Christmas Party
We are grateful to have a group of 19 learners in the Yukon.  We are also grateful for Kim Pearson who is once again organizing the Yukon YouLearn Christmas Party.  The party takes place at Yukon Horsepacking Adventures on December 20th starting at 12:00 noon.  Please contact Kim via email at  or by phone at (867)633-3144 to confirm your attendance.  

Oliver DL Christmas Party
Local DL students need to know that our K-9 DL Christmas Party will take place on Wednesday, December 13th starting at 11:00 am.  There will be crafts, activities and food followed by skating at the Oliver Arena.  We would like to see as many people out as possible to kick off the holiday season.  Please fill out the form found here to confirm your attendance.  

November 14, 2017

posted Nov 14, 2017, 7:46 AM by Glen Heinrichs   [ updated Nov 14, 2017, 7:50 AM ]

Redesigned Curriculum
Our teachers have just spent a day exploring various aspects of the redesigned curriculum.  I thought it might be worthwhile to direct your attention once again to the ministry website that outlines all aspects of the redesigned curriculum.  In particular, please take note of the two "newer" curricular areas in the redesign  - Applied Design and Skills Technology and Career Education.  I invite you to click on the grade level of your child(ren) to discover what Big Ideas, Curricular Competencies and Curricular Content are to be covered, explored and developed in each area.  I am sure you will find the process enlightening. 

Legion Contest - This is the last week to submit entries into the  BC/Yukon Youth Contest for artwork, poems and essays.
PAC - We are still looking for parents to serve on this year's Parent Advisory Council

November 5, 2017

posted Nov 3, 2017, 3:20 PM by Glen Heinrichs   [ updated Nov 5, 2017, 2:00 PM ]

Our district has purchased access to a library program called Overdrive.  All students registered in SD53 will soon have access to this valuable resource.  The program works just like a library except that all books are digital.  Students are limited to three titles at a time which need to be signed out, and returned, just like a library.  In addition, books can be put on hold for future reading.  Typically there is only one title of each book available so please return the books as soon as possible after reading.  This week, you should receive an email from which will give you information about accessing this resource.  Watch for it in your email inbox this week.  

YouLearn Closures - Redesigned Curriculum Day and Remembrance Day
As all of you are aware, the implementation of the new curriculum continues to roll out.  Last year the K-9 curriculum was implemented and next year the grade 10 curriculum will be implemented.  As a result, the ministry has allowed districts non-instructional time to prepare for implementation.  YouLearn will be closed this Thursday, November 9th, all day for staff to work with the new curriculum.  In addition, YouLearn will be closed on Monday, November 13th, to observe the Remembrance Day statutory holiday.  In other words, enjoy the long weekend.  

Report Card Cut Off
Please note that this is the final week to submit learning evidence for Term One.  Anything submitted after this date will be reported on in a future term.  As you know, there is a great deal of change in reporting to parents.  The ultimate goal in reporting is for parents to be involved in a continuous dialogue with teachers about their child's progress.  If we are successful, a report card should become redundant.  Whether your teacher is using Fresh Grade, or Google Docs, be sure to upload learning evidence regularly and interact with the teacher through the chosen medium.  Let's all work together to generate the best results possible for our children/students.  

October 30, 2017

posted Oct 29, 2017, 7:49 PM by Glen Heinrichs

Reporting Changes
As you may recall, the ministry did a great deal of consultation with the public on reporting last year.  There was a change to the reporting order last year that allowed districts and schools to employ alternative methods of reporting apart from report cards.  Prior to the end of the term, your child's teacher may be in contact with you to discuss preferred methods of reporting.  (I say "may" because I know that some teachers have already had this discussion with their parents.)  It is our desire to have ongoing assessment and continuous feedback with our parents on our students' progress throughout the year.  If we are successful, the report card should contain no new information and, as a result, be redundant.  It should be noted that all students must, and will, receive a final report card for the year.  

BC/Yukon Legion Contest (Reminder)
Every year, the Legion BC/Yukon Command holds a Remembrance Day contest in the categories of posters, poetry, essays and video.  The deadline for submissions is November 15th.  If you are interested in submitting an entry, please go to the BC/Yukon Youth Contest page to find out more information about the contest.  Be sure to fill out the entry form and submit it with your contest entry.  YouLearn has had several winners in this contest in the past and I am confident that your creativity will shine through once again.

October 23, 2017

posted Oct 23, 2017, 8:44 AM by Glen Heinrichs   [ updated Oct 23, 2017, 8:49 AM ]

School Info
Once again, I thought it would be worthwhile letting you know the make-up of the school to which you belong.  Our school serves students from kindergarten to grade 12 and adults.  We have 51 learners from Kindergarten to grade 9.  Of these, 19 are in the Yukon, 13 are in School District 53, 12 are in Kelowna/West Kelowna, and the other 7 are throughout the province.  Our 10-12 program serves students throughout the province.  In addition, our school provides educational programming for inmates at Okanagan Correctional Centre and to clients in an addiction treatment program at Ashnola at the Crossing out side of Keremeos.  Our school has been growing for the past three years as we add new programs.  Thanks for being part of our school!

District Resources
Our School District homepage,, has some information on it that might be helpful to parents and students.  If you go to the district home page, you will see a series of tabs at the top of the page, one of which is "Parents and Students".  If you click on it, you will see a few links titled: 
The BC Digital Classroom Resources, Just for Kids and Just for Parents.  There are great many resources on these pages which I encourage you to explore.  

If you submitted your learning samples to your teacher last week, thank you.  If not, please be sure to send in samples in all subject areas as soon as possible.  These are now overdue.  

October 16, 2017

posted Oct 16, 2017, 8:47 AM by Glen Heinrichs

Non-Instructional Day
This coming Thursday, YouLearn will be closed for the Provincial Professional Development Day.  As a result, teachers will be unavailable all day.  

Learning Samples and Assessments
Despite the closure this week, we would ask that all of you submit learning samples to your teacher in all subject areas by the end of the week.  Please upload to Google Drive folders or to Fresh Grade in all subject areas.  As well, all of you should have received assessments in Math and Writing.  If you have not completed these, please make them priority this week and submit them to your teacher as soon as possible.  

GAFE - Need permission from parents to use Google Apps for Education.  Only a few parents left to complete.  Find links in Sept. 18th post.  
PAC - We are looking for parent volunteers to serve on our school's PAC.  See info posted on Sept. 25.
Legion Contest - See info below in Oct. 2nd post.
Student Learning Resources - There is a form to fill out to access student learning resource funds.  All forms have links in the Sept. 25th post.  

October 10, 2017

posted Oct 9, 2017, 9:13 PM by Glen Heinrichs   [ updated Oct 9, 2017, 9:15 PM ]

Happy Thanksgiving
A holiday greeting to all of you.  It is my hope that you found cause to be thankful for the blessings in your life.  It has been noted in many, many studies that people who are thankful are healthier and happier than others who do not practise gratitude.  So, while thanksgiving is only one weekend a year, it should be a daily habit we purposefully cultivate.  Find something to be thankful for everyday.  I am thankful for the many families who choose our program and for the dedicated parents and staff members who are committed to educating our students.  

Academic Reviews
Please be sure you/your child has submit learning samples in all subject areas to their teacher by Friday, October 20th.  Also, we kindly ask that you complete the assessments that your teachers have sent out in writing and Math if you have not done so already.  We are all in this together so  please re-visit your child's PLP and continue to engage with your child's teacher regularly during the school year.  One month is already behind us.  

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