Jan. 7

posted Jan 7, 2019, 7:27 AM by Will Eaton

Welcome Back!
Welcome back and happy 2019, students and parents! Hopefully, your break was a good one and you['re returning to school focused and excited. As Mahatma Gandhi said, "The future depends on what you do today." Make the most of it! Small repeated efforts, or habits, have a compound effect and are the keys to success.  

Connect with Your Teacher - Student Learning Plan
January is the perfect time for parents, students and teachers to sit as a team and plan. Review with your child their term 1 report card and accomplishments. Define 2-3 learning/instructional focus areas for your child for January and February. Set concrete daily, weekly and monthly goals. Explore with your child their routines and habits and align them to support their academic and personal goals. Regardless your child's age, connect with teachers over the next two weeks and update your child's Student Learning Plan (SLP) to reflect their learning over the next three months.

Assessments and Assessment Summaries
Regular feedback is one of the keys to effective learning. Please be sure to work with your child's teacher to create a concrete learning sample submission schedule. List out what will be due when and make it visible. Put the list on your fridge and/or at the from of your child's binder so that they can see and revisit it daily. Similarly, once work has been submitted, please review Teacher Assessment Summaries with your child as our teachers mark submitted work, and make this part of your routine. Finally, please be sure to take time and periodically fill out the Parent Assessment Summary document (found in Drive) on your child. Your assessments and observations on your child's learning is essential to providing us with an accurate picture of your child's learning.

Enjoy your week!  

Dec. 17

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Winter Break 
It's hard to believe this is the last week before winter break! Reminder, if you need to get in touch with your child's teacher be sure to do so this week, as Thursday December 20 is their last day. Many families connect with teachers this week and plan their first week back to school, so that everything is ready to go in the new year. If you need resources, let us know. The YouLearn office will be open Friday December 21, and school reopens Monday January 7, 2019.

Happy Holidays 
Thanks to everyone who attended our holiday get togethers in Whitehorse, Kelowna and Oliver the past two weeks. It was good seeing families and students come together, something we so seldom do. It was a great way to end our year together. From all of us at YouLearn to you and your family, have a relaxing break filled with family and friends. See you in 2019!

Dec. 10

posted Dec 10, 2018, 9:39 AM by Will Eaton

Skating Reminder
To students who will be skating following Wednesday's Christmas party, be sure to bring a helmet. Also, if you happen to have an extra helmet, bringing it would appreciated in case we are short. School policy requires all students to wear a helmet when on the ice.  

Two Weeks before Winter Break 
With 10 school days before the break remaining, remember to stay focused and productive. Keep submitting assignments, creating projects and connecting with your teachers. A break always feels so much better when it feels earned through hard work! 

Dec. 3

posted Dec 2, 2018, 6:20 PM by Will Eaton   [ updated Dec 2, 2018, 6:28 PM ]

Christmas Get Together Reminders

Kelowna - Nutcracker followed by treats
Friday December 7 from 11:45-2:00 pm
Kelowna Community Theatre, 1375 Water St., Kelowna BC

Whitehorse - Pizza and Games Get Together (RSVP by clicking here.)
Friday December 7 from 2:45-4:30 pm
North of Ordinary Experience Centre, 
4201 4th Avenue, Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 5A1

Kelowna - 5 Pin Bowling followed by Pizza Party
Monday December 10 from 10:30-1:30 pm
Capri Mall Lower Level, 1835 Gordon Dr., Kelowna BC 

Oliver - Christmas Party: fun, food and games followed by skating (RSVP by clicking here.)
Wednesday December 12 from 11:00-2:45 pm
YouLearn, 762 Fairview Rd. Oliver BC.

Nov. 26

posted Nov 26, 2018, 8:09 AM by Will Eaton

Self Assessment of the Core Competencies
Building on last week's post, the Core Competencies, which are interwoven into all curricular areas and grade levels, are self-assessed by students. In other words, teachers don't evaluate students against the competencies, students assess themselves. As a result, teachers and parents act more as coaches, helping students to understand the competencies at their level while instructing them on how to become an accurate assessor of their skills. With this in mind the Ministry has released a Supporting Self Assessment guide for teacher, which might be helpful to homeschool families. Have a look at it and contact your child's teacher if you happen to have any comments/questions.      

Upcoming Christmas Party

The staff at YouLearn invite you and your family to join us for some Christmas cheer! We are having a party on Wednesday, December 12th from 11:00-1:30 pm. We will have crafts, games, lunch and a visit from a very special someone….! Please RSVP before December 6th by filling out our online Christmas Party Invitation so we can make preparations. Look forward to seeing you!

Tis the Season

Congratulations to Laura and Kelan who had their first set of Christmas performances on Sunday!

Nov. 19

posted Nov 16, 2018, 2:29 PM by Will Eaton

URGENT - PAC Meeting Members Needed
Dear parents, our PAC is needing two members to join their team in order to remain operational. The commitment is small. Volunteers would need to attend, either in person or over the phone, four one hour PAC meetings from now until the end of the year (January, February, April and May). Please email Brenda Zakall ( this week if you are interested or need more information. PAC's next meeting, the annual AGM, will be on January 23 at 4:45 pm. February, April and May meeting times are TBA.  

The Core Competencies 
A key component of the redesigned curriculum is the Core Competencies. In short, the competencies are fundamental skills that all students are expected to acquire over the course of their education, K-12. Teachers at all grade levels, in all subject areas, are integrating the competencies inside of their classrooms, while working to coach students on becoming accurate self-assessors of their skills in each of the three key areas: Communication, Thinking, and Personal and Social Development. Periodically, parents, ask your child where they feel their skills at in these areas. Also, ask them how they know, what evidence informs their opinions of themselves. And finally, ask them how they intend to grow their skills. What's their plan? Come June, all students will be required to self report their skills on their final report card. Helping them understand the competencies between now and then is greatly appreciated. For more information on the Core Competencies and how you can promote their development in your child, contact your child's teacher.     

YouTube Video

Nov. 12

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You're not alone!
Learning at a distance from teachers can be challenging. It can also, at times, be isolating. If your child is experiencing either of these, don't hesitate to contact your child's teacher, or Shay, our educational assistance. A quick phone call/Skype session can go a long way. We're here to help!  

New Erase Website
The Ministry's ERASE, or expect respect and a safe education initiative has a new website. For a host of resources on internet safety, mental halth and well being, substance abuse, and much more, check it out! 

Reminder of Pilot Reporting Order 
Reminder parents, coinciding with the redesigned K-9 curriculum, assessment and reporting practices across the province are changing, too. Starting this December, students will no longer receive letter grades on report cards. Instead, K-9 YouLearn students will be reported on using the new Four Point Provincial Proficiency Scale: emerging, developing, proficient, extending. For more on how curriculum and assessment are interconnected read BC's K-12 Assessment System.

Nov. 5

posted Nov 2, 2018, 7:03 PM by Will Eaton   [ updated Nov 5, 2018, 11:38 AM ]

Term 1 Cut Off and Report Cards
Thursday November 15 is the term 1 report card cut off date. Please assure all of your child's work is uploaded to their submissions folder on or before the deadline if you are wanting teachers to report on it. In addition, please be sure to spend some time filling out your child's Parent Assessment Summary over the next two weeks. Your observations and comments are an integral part of your child's learning, and in order for us to report a complete picture, your input is necessary. Report cards will be mailed home on Friday December 7. First term report cards are viewed as an important tool at YouLearn in helping us establish a baseline understanding of your child and a platform from which we can plan out and personalize their learning for the remainder of the year. Thank you in advance for your ongoing support.

K-9 Christmas Celebration
Mark your calendars! Wednesday December 12 from 11:00-2:00 pm is our annual winter celebration/ school-wide get together. Shortly, you will receive an invitation and hear more about the details of this event through the NewsNotes. Staff is busy planning the festivities, which will once again be filled with good food, warm tidings and surprises! Hope to see you at NOL.

Remembrance Day
Monday November 12 is a statutory holiday, and schools across BC will be closed in observance of Remembrance Day, which is on Sunday Nov. 11. If you need to contact your teacher, please be do so this coming week or plan accordingly.

Royal Canadian Legion Remembrance Day Contest
In writing the above, the Legion's annual Remembrance Day contest comes to mind. Sorry for not drawing your attention to this sooner. Uncertain if teachers have spoken to students about this opportunity, here's a link to the Legion's contest website. Help your child check this opportunity out, parents, and have them start their projects immediately if interested. I've emailed our elementary teachers a reminder about this opportunity, just in case they may have forgotten, too. Speak with them next week about submission details. The deadline is usually on or shortly after Nov. 11. This contest is open to all YouLearn students, Oliver, Kelowna, elsewhere in BC and the Yukon. Good luck!

Play Today
On October 26, the Ministry of Education released the attached bulletin outlining its investments in supporting young learners and families. One of the resources produced out of this initiative is the Play Today how-to-guide intended to support educators' practice with children from birth to age 8 which includes resources for parents to use with young learners from home.

Oct. 29

posted Oct 26, 2018, 5:32 PM by Will Eaton

Just a reminder that our school NewsNotes is one of the primary means of communication we use to keep our parents connected to what is occuring in our school. Please make reading it a part of your Monday morning routine. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to phone us.

Personalized Learning Plans (PLP's)
PLP's, which you set up with your child's teacher in September, are key planning documents teachers use to support student learning at a distance. Continuously referred to and updated, these living documents which are connected to the provincial learning standards, grow and develop with your child to guide their learning throughout the year. If you have any thoughts on how our planning can be improved to further support you and/or your child, please email me at (Will Eaton), subject line: Personalized Learning Plans. We'd appreciate your feedback.

Stay Connected!
Parents, please remind students that they and you are not alone. On the topic of having DL students stay connected to their teachers, I returned to a blog post I wrote just over 6 1/2 years ago, titled Staying Connected. It think it still hold true. you're not alone. Let us know how we can help! 

Okanagan Symphony Field Trip

Once again this coming March, our students are invited to join the Okanangan Symphony as they present Meet Our Orchestra Family. The dates and times for this year's shows are listed below. Tickets, unfortunately, are offered on a first come first serve basis, and we have been encouraged to order them ASAP. Admission for our students and one family chaperone is covered by the school. Please use our online Symphony Registration form to register, indicate which show you'd like to attend, and reserve any additional tickets if needed by Thursday November 15. As soon as the concert study guide becomes available, we will send out the link to participating families. Hope to see you there! 

  • KELOWNA March 11th, 2019 Monday 9:30 a.m 11:00 a.m. 12:30p.m.
  • VERNON March 12th, 2019 Tuesday 9:30 a.m. 11:00 a.m. 12:30 p.m.
  • PENTICTON March 13th, 2019 Wednesday 10:00 a.m. 11:30 a.m.

Oct. 22

posted Oct 21, 2018, 6:10 PM by Will Eaton

The Nutcracker
On Friday December 7, we are wanting to bring our school together for the Canadian School of Ballet's performance of The Nutcracker. The performance will be in Kelowna and runs from 11:45-1:30 pm. If you're interested in joining us and able to clear your calendar, please fill out our online Nutcracker Registration form by October 29, 2018 as we need to order tickets quickly to secure our seats. Family members are welcome join us and additional tickets can be reserved using our online registration form. Brining our local and Kelowna communities together to celebrate before winter break is an excellent way to celebrate the end of our first half of the year. Hope you can make it!

Immunization Update
Reminder parents, it's immunization season.  Students in grades 6 and 9 in public schools receive shots.  If your child is in one of these grades, or has missed an immunization, read the attached letter from the public health nurse and make an appointment to receive an immunization shot. 

Anxious Teen Parent Workshops
If you have a teen who is struggling with anxiety there is a free, upcoming series of three workshops for parents starting Wednesday Nov. 07 at SOSS. See the attached Anxious Teen document for more information or call reception at 250-487-4422.

Yukon College Girls Science and Technology Night
This Monday Oct. 22, Yukon College is offering a free science and tech night for girls from 5:00-7:00 pm in its downtown classroom on 2nd Ave. Pizza is provided and no registration is required. For more information phone 668-5200.

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