How to Verify Your Domain

A Step by Step Guide on How to Verify Your Domain after Registering on Google Apps 

  1. Log-in to Google Apps by going to

 2. Click on the “verify domain ownership” link found at the top of the page.

3. Choose the verification method. Choose “Change your CNAME record”


4. Log-in to your domain hosting service (i.e.

5. Go to the Domains tab and choose All My Domains. Click on the domain that you registered on Google Apps. On the Domain Manager, click on “Total DNS Control and MX Records” You will be brought to the DNS Control Panel.

6. Create a new CNAME record by clicking on “Add new CNAME record”.

7. Copy the unique string from the Google Apps dashboard the Alias Name.  

And paste it to the Alias Name box. Fill in the “Points to Host Name” with “”. Click on “Ok”. 





8.  A “Results and Status” dialogue box will appear. Click on “Ok”



9. Open command prompt. Type “nslookup”. Press “enter”.


10. Once you see “” in the reply, go back to the Google Apps dashboard.


11. Click on “verify”. The verification may take up to 48 hours.

Next step:  Activate your email.