How to Create a Site Using Google Sites

A Step-by-Step Guide (Basic Template)

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1. Log-in to your Google Sites account using your account. You can do this by going to Make sure that your admin has this service activated.

2. To make a new site, click on "Create a New Site". 

3. Define your site's name, category and you can also make a short description. This is also where you can define whether or not your site may be shown publicly.

4. Select the theme for your site and then click "Create Site"

5. The first page of your site is the "Home" page. To create sub-pages of your site, just click on "Create New Page", the sub-pages will automatically be added in the Sitemap.

6. To customize the page, click on "Edit Page". This action will bring you to the page editor.

7. To keep the page organized, you may choose to split it by choosing to have it in 2-columns. You can also group content by putting it in tables.

Clicking on the table allows you to resize it.

Inserting a Link 

To insert a link, choose the word where you want to place the link and then click on "Link". Choose between inserting a link from your site or an external link. Here's how it looks if you insert an external link.

Inserting a Photo Slideshow 

To insert a photo slideshow from your Picasa Web Album. Click on "Insert" and then choose "Picasa Web Slideshow"

 Copy the link of the album you want to feature in the page from your Picasa Web Album and then paste it in the box.

The slideshow will show in the page and you can re-size it as well.

10. To add a video, click on "Insert" and choose "Video", you have the option of adding a Youtube or Google Video.

Insert the link of the Youtube video you want to be shown on the page.

You may also resize the video.

There are a lot of other things you can insert in your site include documents, calendar, recent posts, etc.

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