How to Register on Google Apps

A Step by Step Guide 

  1. Go to

2. Click on the appropriate edition: Businesses and employees, Schools and students, or Organizations and members

3. Click on “Get Started” under the appropriate edition (i.e. Get started on email, productivity and collaboration tools for your business)

4. Choose the edition that fits your needs. Click on “Sign-up” (i.e. Standard edition)

5. To sign-up for Apps, enter your organization’s domain name (take note, you have to have access to your domain’s settings). Click on “Get Started” after entering the domain name

6. Fill up the form. After filling out the form, click continue

7. Define your administrator account by filling up the form. Make sure your password is a strong one. This is also where you can get a printable version of the terms of service.

8. You are then brought to the administrators dashboard. Registration is done.

Next Step: Verify your domain.