Dear Parents and Community Members, 

Welcome to the Yorktown Central School District. The Yorktown Schools community is consistently supportive of educational excellence; our staff is committed to helping each child develop into a mature, contributing member of society. Our curriculum is immersed in the NYS Core Standards with attention to 21st century skills. The staff is devoted to the belief that each child is a unique individual, and everyone is committed to helping every student reach his/her fullest potential.

At Brookside, Mohansic and Crompond Elementary Schools, teachers give continuous attention to individual pupil needs, interests, and abilities. Library Media Centers housed at each school are an important component of the curriculum.

Middle School English, math, science, and social studies are taught by grade level teaching teams. In addition to the core subjects, student studies include art, health, home and career skills, technology, music, foreign languages, and physical education. We ensure that guidance services are part of the overall program. Clubs, a yearly musical, and field trips enhance the experience of Yorktown students. Middle School students are active participants in a Positive Role Model Program.

Yorktown High School provides a strong foundation for students pursuing higher education or entering the world of work after high school. A high standard of excellence in the core curriculum is enhanced by honors, advanced placement and college level courses. A learning center, alternative high school, resource rooms, work study and career center help students reach their fullest potential. There is an extensive performing arts program, including concerts, plays, musicals, and dance performances. Extracurricular program offers a full range of sports programs, student government activities, student publications, and clubs that meet the interests of our students. We believe that every student should leave our schools prepared to lead, serve and make a difference in their world community, and our programs support our mission.

We are very proud of our schools, our students and the faculty and staff. We particularly appreciate the work of our Board of Education in their goal to forward curriculum initiatives, technological advancements, facility upgrades and projects and opportunities for students to lead and serve in a wide array of extracurricular programs and activities.

I take this opportunity to thank the community at large for their support of our kids in financially challenging times. Your contribution to the future is an investment toward a better world in which our students will lead and serve with character and integrity.


Dr. Ralph Napolitano