Welcome to YEAR TWO
in the Village Elementary Creation Station!

The Groundhog Sees His Shadow!
Mrs. Trenholm's class made groundhogs for Groundhog Day!  Creations needed to stand up by themselves so that they could cast a shadow.  The next day, the class took their groundhogs outside to trace the shadows.

First graders studying animal adaptations took a fun maker-path:  they designed turkeys that blended in with their environment.  How was it different than expected?  The turkeys could take on a whole new life and live in the city, the North Pole... some turkeys disguised themselves as police officers or elves!

Maker Rally / Staff Meeting 
in the Creation Station

Tour the Creation Station

YouTube Video

Check out this article about our MakerSpace from York Weekly and Seacoast Online!http://www.seacoastonline.com/article/20160405/NEWS/160409659

Creation Station: Full STEAM Ahead- School Board Pres.

Maiden voyage of our new Chromebooks!
Students used them to investigate different styles of Chinese lanterns before making their own version.

Thursday, Feb. 4
A student refers to images on the interactive whiteboard to replicate Chinese characters on his lantern.

Mrs. Crafts' Class visited the Creation Station to make their own version of a Chinese Dragon.

Logo Creation

The students in Ashley Norman's Computer Graphics class at York High School are in the process of creating a logo that will represent our Creation Station for years to come.  Ms. LaRochelle will then lead VES students in making an artistic representation of the logo as a sign to put in the hallway by our door.  We will also use the logo on labels in the space, on written communication such as grant proposals, and more! The color scheme of our website will be changed to match the logo as well. Stay posted for the results!  

complete with a snazzy wheeled cart!

Thanks to the hard work of Burke Eldredge and Dave Kieman, 
as well as materials donated from Eldredge Lumber and Hardware, 
we now have 3 large tables for our space!  
The ingenious design ideas of Burke and Dave provide for plenty of workspace, as well as storage underneath AND the ability to roll the tables into whatever configuration we need.  Should we need more space in the room, all three tables snuggle perfectly along one wall, keeping the space flexible for whatever we can dream up!
We can't wait to see what creations come to life on our new work spaces!
The third table comes off the truck.
Burke Eldredge and Dave Kieman- created and built our tables.

The Creation Station is Building Steam

Students got into the space for the first time on Friday, November 20th.  After an introduction to the space, its purpose, and a few safety considerations, second grade students glued 3-D objects onto repurposed whiteboard slates to create the letters for our name, CREATION STATION, which will be posted on the inside wall of the room.  Other classes will help to make signs for words that inspire a Maker Mentality, signs for supplies, and a Creation Station sign to post outside in the hallway.

(pictures to follow)

Google Calendar

Email aslone@yorkschools.org to reserve time in the Creation Station.

This poster is now on the wall in our MakerSpace!  We got special permission from Tracy Clark to reprint it as a poster!  This is a great reference when guiding the reflection portion of  maker activities!  Adults or teachers can ask, "How did you feel about (pick a skill) TEAMWORK today?  What could you have changed?" or "How did you feel you HANDLED CRITICISM of your creation?  What changes did you make after collecting input from others?"

by Tracy Clark, on GettingSmart.com.

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