Dear Chocolate Lover,

Thank you for visiting us here at York Cocoa House. I’ve always been a greedy chocolate lover who wanted to share my passion, and my ambition to open The Cocoa House was achieved in November 2011.

I fell in love with chocolate from an early age, not only with eating it, but with working with it and then sharing my latest chocolatey creations with family and friends. I taught myself how to work with chocolate when I was 12 years old through a lot of trial and error, with many disasters and some successes. I was so fascinated I wanted to learn and teach more.

At York Cocoa House you’re welcome to come in and see the wonderful stuff that we love to share. Our chocolate library has a large collection of chocolate recipe books, stories and literature about York’s inspiring chocolate industry. My personal favourite recipe is for the cake my Nan would always make us when we went to visit. Please feel free to have a read while you are with us.

We make lots of our own chocolates on site according to our own special recipes, whilst others are made by wonderful chocolate makers I have have met along my  journey who we are now pleased to call friends of The Cocoa House.

Our chocolate workshop lets us share our chocolate passion with chocolate lovers of all ages and abilities. Our chocolatiers are available for chocolate parties, corporate events and educational courses for all areas of the curriculum as well as for general chocolate advice.

We all hope you enjoy your visit to our chocolatey home. If there’s anything you’d like to know about chocolate, please ask!

We look forward to seeing you at York Cocoa House

Best wishes,