YOHRS - the York Heritage Research Seminars - is a weekly term-time lecture series hosted by the Department of Archaeology at the University of York. Talks are live-streamed and accessible to viewers from around the world. An archive of previous talks (from Autumn 2012 onwards) is available below. Upcoming talks are listed on our departmental event pages

Please contact Dr Sara Perry with queries or for further information.

Bradley Garrett: Urban Exploration as Heritage Placemaking
Bryan Lintott: Antarctica and Apollo: Heritage Horizons 
David Jennings: Research strategies in professional practice: design, contingency and serendipity
Gabe Moshenska: Performance and Display at the Birth of Public Archaeology
Jennie Morgan: Curating Profusion: Caring for the Future and Assembling Value in Homes and Smaller Museums
Guy Hunt: "On time, On Budget" and Beyond: Challenging the Modus Operandi of Commercial Fieldwork
Susan Greaney: Interpreting an Icon: The Story of the Stonehenge Visitor Centre
Amara Thornton: Filming Antiquity: Excavating on Screen in the Early 20th Century
James Dixon: Do Buildings Flow?
Jeremy Huggett: A Digital Detox for Digital Archaeology?
Veysel Apaydın: The Presentation of the Past: Pitfalls and Potentials in Education and Archaeology, Heritage and Communities in Turkey
Laia Pujol: Being There and Then: Introducing Cultural Presence in Archaeology


Stephanie MoserReception Studies, Visual Analysis and Knowing the Past
Rose FerrabyMarking Time: Thinking Through Stone on the Jurassic Coast
Camilla Sørensen BjarnøLet Your Fingers Do the Walking
Matthew Tyler-JonesBuilding an Apotheosis Machine
Angela PicciniKnow your Bristol on the Move: Archaeology, participatory mapping and community moving image archives
Kieran Baxter: Creative experiments with aerial photography in visualising built heritage
Colleen Morgan: First Person: Avatars, simulation, bioarchaeology and the reanimation of past peoples
Tim Schadla-Hall: "Talking to ourselves?”
Graham FaircloughPlace and the past: Landscape / heritage synergies
Leo Schmidt & Polly Feversham: The Fall and Rise of the Berlin Wall
Carsten Paludan-MüllerHeritage on the edge: Armenian heritage in Eastern Anatolia a hundred years after…
Annie GrayPots, pans and a PhD: Translating theories about historic foodways into public history
Louise PurbrickFields of craters within and without: The landscapes of Chilean nitrate and British shells
Alexander Holton: Repair? Restore? Re-Design?: The North Porch of Durham Cathedral
Helen Graham: Im/material heritage: Common/s, publics and democracy


York-Southampton - Holly Wright, Julian Richards, Hugh Corley, Will Fyson, Chris Phethean: Learning to Share: Has the Rise of Social Media Changed the Way we Think about Sharing our Research Data?
Stuart Eve: The Embodied GIS - Using Mixed Reality in the Landscape
Rosie Sherrington: Disability & Heritage: Building Bedlam and Beyond
Gareth Beale: Accessible Digital Image Making and Archaeological Practice
Lorna RichardsonDoing Public Archaeology in the Digital Age
Nigel Walter: From Values to Narrative: A New Foundation for the Conservation of Historic Buildings
Sophie Norton: Interweaving Archival and Ethnographic Research: The Conservation of Fountains Abbey
Barney Sloane: National Heritage Protection Plan and its Relevance to Academia


Keith Emerick: The poor relation: Social value in conservation and CHM
Jukka Jokilehto: Evolving authenticity: Nara and after
John Swogger: Description, Dialogue or Debate? Examining the role of narrative in the visualisation of archaeology
Max Farrar: Marking social spaces in the multicultural inner-city
Alice Watterson: Digital Dwelling at Skara Brae
Adam Partington: Community planning & inherited character: The Lincoln experience
Robyn Clinch: The places we keep - Built heritage in the Australian context
Yvette Staelens: Singing with the ancestors - Mapping intangible heritage
Sharon Macdonald: Carried away or not? Towards an anthropology of museum shopping