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The University of York Science Education Group

posted by Mary Whitehouse   [ updated ]

The  University of York Science Education Group (UYSEG) is based in the Department of Education at the University of York and has an international reputation for innovative research-informed curriculum development which has had a real impact on practice in the UK and beyond.UYSEG team

Within the group there are both researchers and curriculum developers. Our main curriculum development projects lead to qualifications at A level and GCSE, so the projects teams are currently working to develop resources for the new qualifications, which will be taught in schools from next September (A levels), followed by GCSEs soon after.  There is more about all our projects on the University web pages.

We shall use this blog to share our ideas and work with the wider science education community. We hope that we can contribute to wider discussions about science education as well as linking to our research and curriculum development projects here in York.

Your can read more about us in the About UYSEG section.

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