Welcome to the Ungar Lab

Our group is interested in the organisation and the function of the Golgi apparatus. This beautiful organelle is responsible for most of the post-translational modification of the proteins destined to outside of the cell. Our phylosophy is to use the methods most appropriate for the biological question rather then to tailor the question to the method. We are using biochemical and cell biological methods to investigate how transport within the Golgi influences its role in post-translational modifications, and most recently we have started collaborations to add genetic and physiological methods to our arsenal of investigative techniques.

Possible connection between Golgi sorting and COG defects (Fisher and Ungar Front. Cell Dev. Biol. (2016))

PhD/Postdoc opportunities

We always welcome new students and postdocs. If you are interested in one of the research directions we work on, or think that your own research question would fit into our group please email Dani Ungar, including your CV and some indication of how you would best fit into the group. Examples of our research interests can be found on our research pages.

N-glycan profile of mesenchymal stromal cells - from Wilson et al., Front. Cell Dev. Biol. (2016)MSC glycan profile

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