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Feedback from York students

“(The most positive thing was) practising speaking to a sympathetic native speaker and helping one another to learn new words and phrases”.

The most successful activities in encouraging learning skills have been the introduction of videos which have encompassed a variety of aspects concerning Hispanic culture. Just watching these videos despite not understanding every single word helps you to engage in the Hispanic world. It highlights the differences to your own culture and prepares you, to some extent, of ever living in Spain or a Spanish-speaking country”.

“I think the materials and resources were adequate and most certainly useful. It’s always good to have videos which represent that country because it not only means you are able to hear more of the language but you’re able to understand the culture even more so. The association of language to actions which are part of that culture are part and parcel of the language learning process”.

“(The most positive thing about the project was) the introduction to more Spanish culture. Learning about pioneering figures in the Hispanic world gives a broader understanding of such a vibrant culture and helps to understand the cultural norms”.

“The more you submerse yourself in another culture the better your understanding of that culture and its language will be. From the variety of videos I have learnt new words which fit into the context of the discussions - something which will be useful in the future if I ever need to speak Spanish!”

 “I liked the regular visual and verbal contact with a native Spanish speaker living in Spain. To have face to face contact with someone in another country was a new experience”.

“Yes (I would like to continue using TANGO in the future). It’s been a great opportunity to learn more about Hispanic culture but there’s still plenty more to be learnt. Bring it on!”