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Feedback from colleagues in Oviedo & York

“Topics are attractive and suited to the level targeted. A good user friendly website with a simple and sleek design”.

“The project has been a really good idea. It was well planned and developed. The webpages layout is clear and there is neither too much nor too little content.”

“I loved how both sets of materials mirrored one another, although they were very specific of each language and culture”.

“I truly believe that it is a very good idea and the materials developed for the students are really useful as they give students the opportunity to learn not only about linguistic aspects but also cultural ones. This is something which is overlooked in many textbooks and hardly ever tackled in the classroom due to time constraints”.

“Throughout the link developed by both parties, students interact in a real context, and in such, they use and develop communicative skills which only appear and are used in real life”.

The concept of TANGO is more than inspiring for me, as a teacher of languages, because it represents something in language teaching that has been a strong missing link in my experience of teaching; such as whilst students studying the language in an artificial microcosm created by the teacher, they also have the opportunity to put in practice their knowledge by having a direct contact with cohort/ peer students from the country of the target language. It is a wonderful project!”

“The materials have been organised in a wonderful way, which reflects that a language is a lot more than using the grammar correctly. It shows that a language entails/ connotes a culture and world view”.

“Topics are both appealing and broad enough to allow room for students from different backgrounds to start a conversation where they will find some common ground talking about their world and interests. Everyone has something to say.”