Web of Knowledge

Web of Knowledge is designed to export direct into EndNote.

After Searching

  1. Tick the required references and make sure the EndNote application is running
  2. Above and below the list you will see an a collection of controls, including a Send to: drop-down list. Choose Send to Endnote - this should export the references direct to your reference library

Alternative method

If you want more control over export (to ensure you include abstracts etc):
  1. Tick the required references and from the controls above or below the list choose Add to Marked List
  2. View the Marked List (link near the top) and configure Step 2 to choose content
  3. In Step 3, set the destination to Send to EndNote. The references should be imported directly into EndNote

Web of Knowledge includes:

  • Web of Science
  • BIOSIS Citation Index
  • Journal Citation Reports
  • ... and others

Use the Marked List feature for full control of export from Web of Knowledge:

Web of Knowledge Export Options