EndNote Desktop: Google Scholar

You can import references from a Google Scholar search if you first configure Scholar to show links. References are imported one at a time.

Configuring Scholar

In order to obtain references from Google Scholar you must first configure it to provide the links.

  1. On the Scholar search page, choose Settings (gear-wheel icon)
  2. On the Search Results settings page, configure the Bibliography manager to Show links to import citations into EndNote and Save the change

After Searching

  1. Select the Import into EndNote link below the reference you want to import
  2. You should have the option to Open with EndNote - choose this rather than Save for a direct import
  3. If the direct import doesn't work, save the file (saved as scholar.enw) and import using the EndNote Import option

Google Scholar Logo

Configure Scholar to Show links after a search:

Scholar configuration setting

Scholar provides a link to obtain the reference information:

Scholar Link

Choose the Open with EndNote option, if available, for a direct import:

Scholar direct import