ADS Labs 2

Currently with the Astrophysics Data System (ADS2) you have to create your own file to import, as all it does is display the necessary contents on screen. There is, however, a new interface in development which will allow you to export a file for import. In the meantime...

After searching

  1. If you have retrieved a list of articles, tick the ones you want - if you've opened a single item, you won't need to do this
  2. From the Export button (near the top right) choose in EndNote. After a short delay, the contents are displayed on screen.
  3. Select the displayed contents, copy it and paste into a plain text editor (eg Windows Notepad), and save it somewhere suitable (downloads folder would be a good choice).
  4. Import into EndNote Online using the EndNote Import option
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ADS contains data from the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and from NASA

'Classic' site:

'Labs' interface (ADS2):

Select the Export button and choose in EndNote


Select, copy, paste and save the reference information into a text editor for import

Ref Export

(or try this link - not public yet: