Welcome to the transcription and translation project website for the fifteenth-century Chanson d'Ogier (in British Library Royal Manuscript 15 E VI). You can find out more about this text on the About the Chanson d'Ogier page.

Purpose of the project
The aim of this project website is to produce a collaboratively-created transcription and translation of the Chanson d'Ogier from its original Middle French manuscript to modern English. Both the work in progress and final transcription and translation can be edited, accessed and used by anyone.

How can I transcribe/translate on this project?
To contribute your transcription/translation, you must first go to the Ogier The Dane Transcribers Google Group and JOIN the group. Then, once you return to this website, you can use the Transcriptions & Translations page to access every individual digitised page of the medieval manuscript. You will be able to edit the text on each page, and provide comments or questions about the text in the Comments boxes on each page.

All transcriptions and translations are editable by all contributors. Guidance on the style and format of transcriptions and translations is available on the Guidelines page.

Who can get involved?
Anyone! This entire project is web-based, and relies on contributors from all over the world. The project is particularly useful as practice material for teachers and students of palaeography and Old/Middle French, but anyone with an interest is welcome to contribute. The most important thing is to get stuck in and have a go! Don't be afraid of making mistakes, because all work can be corrected by other contributors.

Get started in five easy steps:

2. Return to this website (you will need to log in at the bottom of the page if it doesn't happen automatically)
3. Select one of the folios from the list of links on the Transcriptions & Translations page to start working on
4. Click on the box with the pencil in the top right-hand corner of the page to edit the text boxes
5. Start transcribing/translating in the text boxes! (Don't forget to save your work!)

Ask them in the Ogier The Dane Transcribers Google Group and these will be answered as promptly as possible.