York Informatics Group

The York Informatics Group aims to facilitate collaboration between the University of York and the Food and Environment Research Agency by promoting shared access to expertise, data and computing resources. 

This special interest group provides a directory of informatics expertise, based either at the University or at Fera, available to take part in collaborative projects. In particular, we aim to provide capacity building infrastructure for large-scale projects. Whilst Fera are often invited to participate in multi-partner EU bids, they would benefit from access to skills available at the University. On the other hand, involvement in projects that benefit society would allow researchers at the University to demonstrate impact.

In addition to large-scale projects, we aim to keep each other informed of other funding opportunites, provide details of the available expertise and encourage the sharing of equipment and software. 

Activities to kickstart collaborations include:
  • Undergraduate projects
  • Masters placements
  • PhD projects (e.g. CIDCATS)
  • Summer studentships (e.g. YCCSA summer school)
  • CASE studentships (Fera are eligible as CASE partners for BBRSC,EPSRC and NERC)