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York is easy to reach by rail and road. International visitors should note that there is a direct rail link from York to Manchester airport (1.5 hours). Newcastle airport is also easy to reach, with regular trains (1 hour) connecting to the local Metro system. Trains to London (1.75 - 2.25 hours) are regular but more expensive, and all London airports entail fairly long travel across the city to reach the mainline train stations.

The railway station is 10-15 minutes by taxi, depending on traffic. There is also a bus stop immediately outside the station.

York is small and easily walkable (but it's also easy to get lost). Buses #44 and #66 run from the railway station and city to the University Heslington West campus. Both continue with a free stage to the Heslington East campus. Taxis should cost around £5-10 within the city. 

Traffic in York can get very congested, and car parking is both limited and expensive (£6 per day on campus).

Detailed information on travel to York can be found on the University of York travel pages.

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