The Google Applications Suite is provided through Google for Education to which your University of York email address gives access. Unlike the consumer version, these applications are able to recognise who is/is not a member of the york.ac.uk domain; applications make use of this to help control access to data.

Google Applications do not replace traditional desktop applications such as Word and Excel, but open up new possibilities and ways of working, particularly when you need to share and contribute information.

It challenges us to look afresh at a problem or our work-flow and employ new methods to achieve the same end result with greater efficiency.

  • Need to to share information? Create a site or shared Drive document instead of emailing a Word/PDF document
  • Looking for free time slots? Let the Calendar find them for you instead of emailing and asking - or use Google with Doodle
  • Collaborative writing? Share a Google Doc instead of emailing word documents with tracked changes


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View this interactive introduction to the Google suite at York 

View this presentation about Google Apps

View this short Google doc about the Google suite

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Google Applications

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