The term 'document' is changing its meaning. It used to mean printed material, but increasingly we create content online, share or send electronically, and read on screen without ever printing out.

Nevertheless, there is still a need to produce 'paged' material that could potentially be printed out and so includes standard features such as page numbering, tables of contents, images with captions and so on...

What are the options and how do they compare?

What do you need to know to produce good documents?

What features do you need to include for screen and which for print?

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Site Aims

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The aim of this site is to:
  • Summarise and explain document features and the nature of text processing
  • Help you decide which features are appropriate to use in different circumstances
  • Help you learn how to use document processing tools and features to your advantage


Text Processing: a summary of document anatomy and features

Making Documents: the features needed for different document types

Google Docs: tools and features in Google Docs

Word Docs: tools and features in Word documents