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What is Codecademy? is a site that will help you learn to code interactively for free. You can create a profile and record your progress through a variety of different tracks that will introduce you to different programming languages and help you to build some awesome stuff!

What is code?
Nothing scary! It's just instructions for a computer to carry out. Similarly to the many different human languages, there are lots of different programming languages too, often with different purposes. Coding is just writing code - there's nothing mystical (or even secret) about it.

What most schools don't teach -

Who is this for?
Absolutely anyone who is interested - no prior experience required except for using a web browser and you're reading this so we can check that off! Things that will help you along the way include curiosity, determination, creativity and snacks.

Why Learn to code?
Ever seen a great website and wondered how it's put together? Or what about an awesome app on your phone that you couldn't live without - how does it work? Want to make your blog look better or create an online CV? There's load of examples where learning a little code could help you out. It's a skill set that's increasingly in demand - from video production to processing data sets from a scientific experiment to automating office procedures - employers in more and more industries are recognising that they need people who can code. Check out for some reasons why politicians and business leaders are calling for more students to learn.

What kind of stuff might I learn?
It's important not to run before you can walk. We'd encourage anyone who's never seen any code before to start off with the Web Fundamentals track - which will teach you about HTML, the real nuts and bolts of creating a website and CSS which is used to give them style and make them look great. Next up, we'd suggest the JavaScript track. JavaScript is the language that a lot of the web is built on - if you've seen something interactive on a website, there's a good chance JavaScript is involved. Once you've completed both of these tracks you'll be well on the way to creating your first website!