Brian Barry

As Albert Weale writes in his British Academy obituary of Brian Barry (available under the "OBITUARIES" menu), "Brian Barry was the leading European normative political theorist of his generation... As well as being a Fellow of the British Academy (elected in 1988), he was a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the only Briton to have received the prestigious Johann Skytte prize from the University of Uppsala for achievement in the study of political science. During his life he published seven single-authored books and five co-edited volumes, as well as over seventy articles and a large number of reviews and review essays, some of the latter being full-length and original articles in their own right. In addition, at his death Barry left a number of unpublished manuscripts, including one ready for publication on international justice, as well as work on the theory of voting and lectures in the history of political thought." 

This site - which will develop over the next few months and years - aims to bring together these unpublished works together 
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Paul Kelly, Matt Matravers, and Albert Weale