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Camera ready submission instructions

The final version of your paper should be unblinded, i.e. contain author names and affiliations, and any blinded references should be restored to their correct form. You have 10 pages plus references, instead of the original 9 pages plus references. This extra page is to allow you to respond to the referees comments in the final version of the paper. Please do take into account the comments from the reviewers and meta-reviewers when preparing your paper. Papers should be prepared according to the published specification for formatting and style. Please use the provided camera ready template which removes line numbering.

Download the camera ready paper and extended abstract templates here:

Authors of accepted papers should have uploaded both the final version of their paper and the associated one-page extended abstract by the deadline via the BMVC 2016 CMT site.

Please also register for the conference using the online system. Papers for which we have no registered authors will be removed from the conference.

Extended Abstracts

As more conferences move to online-only proceedings, conference attendees often complain that they miss having the physical proceedings as something to refer to during the conference. It is not always convenient to open one’s laptop and read the papers, nor is it easy to “flip through” the proceedings. BMVC gives attendees the best of both worlds by supplying a book of extended abstracts printed in high-quality colour as well as the online proceedings.

It is therefore required that all accepted papers are accompanied by a camera-ready “one-pager” for inclusion in the extended abstracts book. The one-pager is a great opportunity to allow the audience to see the essence of your paper, encouraging them to attend the talk or visit the poster. For example, see bmvc_abstract.pdf (in which took less than an hour to prepare and provides a valuable summary of the full-length paper. It is recommended that the authors devote some effort to preparing this summary, as it is rather different than just writing an abstract. For one thing, equations, figures, and references are encouraged and useful (see the provided example, and abstracts from BMVC 2009). In a change from previous years, the abstracts will be printed as A5 pages. The templates given above reflect this change.


5th August 2016: Upload of final papers, supplementary material and one-page summaries.

10th August 2016: At least one author must register.
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Jul 20, 2016, 11:08 AM