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For a full set of maps and travel information, see the University Maps and Directions page.


Our recommendation: if at all possible, fly into Manchester Airport. Travel to York via train is easy, reasonably priced and trains run regularly at all times. The rail fares from London can add several hundred pounds to your travelling costs. If you pre-book  a rail ticket and miss your train (due to a late flight arrival), then you will have to buy a full-price ticket. The journey by public transport from Leeds/Bradford Airport is long and rather tortuous, and the although expensive the taxi is by far more convenient. If shared among 2 or 3 the taxi fare is not so different from the cost of public transport.

The nearest airport to York is Leeds/Bradford International Airport. There is a bus service (timetable and prices) from this airport to Leeds train station, where you can get a train to York (return ticket approximately £17). Note that transfer via bus to Leeds and train to York could take more than 2.5 hours, taking into account waiting time. An alternative is to pre-book a taxi (single trip from around £44, return from £88). This may be the best option if you arrive into Leeds late t night.

The International Airport at Manchester, although further away, has many more international flights (including to/from North America) and a rail service direct from the airport to York. Trains normally run up to every 30 minutes on weekdays, the journey takes approximately 1:45 hours, and a flexible return ticket costs approximately £35.

To travel to York from London Heathrow or Gatwick, you must first make your way into the centre of London, to King's Cross train station. Either take the Tube (Picadilly Line, direct to King's Cross, approximately 1 hour and currently £5.50 for a single ticket), or take the Heathrow Express to Paddington (approximately 15 minutes, and currently £34 for a return ticket purchased online), and then the Tube (e.g., Hammersmith line or Circle/District line) to King's Cross. Note that travel across London followed by the train to York can be expensive, particularly if you do not book your ticket to York well in advance.


York is served by regular, fast trains from London and Edinburgh (each about 2 hours by train), as well as good connections to cities such as Leeds, Doncaster (each about 25 minutes by train), Newcastle (about 50 minutes by train) and Manchester (about 1:45 hours by train). See National Rail Enquiries for train times and prices.

If you are travelling from Manchester or Leeds, you need not book your train tickets in advance: you can buy a reasonably priced ticket on the day of travel. If you are travelling from London or Edinburgh, it is to your advantage to buy a ticket in advance, and to specify your times of travel.

For example, you can buy tickets through the National Rail Enquiries site which allows you to choose your best route. The site does take you through to the relevant pages to purchase in advance and choose your preferred pick-up/delivery option (e.g., you can arrange to pick up your tickets at a station such as King's Cross).

When travelling by rail in the UK, do compare the cost of a return ticket with the cost of two single tickets; there are sometimes savings to be made either way. In almost all cases, purchasing tickets in advance will be significantly cheaper than purchasing them immediately before your journey. A single ticket from London to York purchased on the day of travel could cost over £100.

How to get to campus

The University of York is within 30 minutes' walk of the city centre, and is served by the FirstYork 66 bus and the 44 Unibus bus from York Railway Station. In general, a single ticket currently costs about £1.50 and a return ticket £2.00. A taxi journey between railway station and campus costs approximately £7.00.

To get to the Exhibition Centre (marked on the map below), get off the bus on University road at the stop under the bridge, next to the library. Cross over the road and continue forward towards the University lake where you will see signs for the Physics and Electronics Departments located at the other side of the lake, there you will find the Exhibition Centre.

Please note that there is only very limited Pay and Display car parking on campus.

Exhibition Centre, University of York