Inserting images

Adding and adjusting images

If it's a photograph or image produced by someone else, you must first check on copyright to make sure that you have permission to use it in your own publication. This is really important.

Copy and Paste?

With most images it's best to have separate image files saved in an 'images' folder. Don't rely on using 'copy and paste' to put them onto the poster. The only exception should be diagrams produced using the drawing tools built into PowerPoint.


Cycle race in York

Before inserting, check on the resolution of the photograph and make any adjustments necessary. Ideally your photographs should be the correct size before you insert them into the poster.

Graphs and Diagrams

You can produce fairly complex graphs, flow charts etc directly in PowerPoint. But if you would normally use other applications - statistics and graphing packages for example - then find a way to export image files of a suitable type and resolution from these that you can then insert into your poster.

Find out more about producing diagrams >>

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Inserting an image

  • (Win) Choose Insert > Images > Pictures
    (Mac) Choose Home > Insert > Picture > Picture from file... (ribbon) or Insert > Photo > Picture from file... (menu)
  • Locate and select the image you want and then choose Insert
Dragging an image


Drag the image to position it. Watch the mouse pointer shape - it shows four arrows at the tip when you can drag the image around.

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Inserting an image...


If you've done your sums right, the image should give the correct resolution if you adjust it to the size you planned. You can drag by any of the four corner 'handles'  to resize - don't use the side handles as this will squash or stretch the image.

To set a precise size, enter the dimensions as numbers. If you set the width, the height will adjust to retain the proportions:

Setting the precise image size
Setting the precise image size


Photographs should contain as little extraneous content as possible. To focus on what's important, it's a good idea to crop close in to the main subject of the picture, and you do this using the cropping tool.
  1. Select the image and from Picture Tools > Format choose Crop
  2. Using the handles on the edges, drag to indicate the image area you want to be visible
Cropping and image
After you've finished cropping, you may want to resize the image again.