Informative posters are an increasingly popular way to share information and research at seminars, conferences and exhibitions.

PowerPoint for Posters

But what applications should you use? Word? Publisher? Surprisingly good results can be obtained using PowerPoint which, although originally designed for presentations, shares many features with publishing applications. In particular:

  • Unlike other Office applications, the page size is not constrained by the printer-driver, meaning you can design at large sizes
  • Each image and piece of text is a draggable object that can be positioned precisely
  • It will export as a PDF, which is the format usually required by printing services


4-page handout: Creating a Poster in PowerPoint

Slides presentation: Posters with PowerPoint 

Making PowerPoint Posters

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When making a poster using PowerPoint, you'll need to:

  • Configure the page size and set up layout guides
  • Choose a suitable colour scheme (and maybe a background)
  • Enter the text based content
  • Add images, diagrams or graphs
  • Export the final result for printing

The sections on this site will help you understand about these and point out the tools and features that you'll need.

Start with the preparation section to make sure you don't miss out any of the important steps!