Algebraic and arithmetic number theory
Iwasawa theory and Euler systems of Kolyvagin, Rubin, etc.
 1. Coleman's conjecture on circular distributions via Euler systems                2.  Gross' conjecture and Leopoldt's conjecture     


Education and Research

2005-,  Yonsei University at Seoul
Assistant Professor and Research fellow : 2003-2005, KIAS at Seoul
BK21 Contracted Professor : 2002 -2003, Yonsei University at Seoul 
Assistant Professor : 1999-2001, University of Minnesota at Minneapolis
Ph.D : 1994-1999, University of California at Berkeley 


Euler Systems and Circular Distribution 

Thesis Advisor : Professor Robert Coleman 


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Honors and Awards 

Korea Undergraduate Math Problem Solving Contest Awards ; 1986, 1987 and 1988

Teaching Experience 

BK21 Contracted Professor, Yonsei University; 2002 -2003 
Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota at Minneapolis; 1999-2001 
Summer Lecturer, University of California at Berkeley; Summer 1999 
Teaching Assistant, University of California at Berkeley; 1996-1999 

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