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DHARMA YOGA MASTER PRACTICE AND MAHA SADHANA WORKSHOP We have a great pleasure to host Yiannis in our studio for the first time! All are welcome to celebrate great yoga practice! FRIDAY July 15 (6:30-8:30pm) MASTER PRACTICE / SATURDAY-SUNDAY July 16-17 (2-5pm) MAHA SADHANA.
PRICE: whole Workshop 500 HRK (70 EUR, 95 USD), Friday Master class 100 HRK (15 EUR, 20 USD).
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Master Practice | Dharma V (Intermediate, Advanced & Teachers)
This class is for intermediate and advanced students and yoga teachers. The practice is Dharma Level V of Sri Dharma Mttra’s Shiva Namaskara Vinyasa series. Dharma Yoga Registered Teachers, apprentice teachers and students, as well as teachers of all backgrounds from around the world commonly take this class. Be ready for an amazingly graceful yet extremely challenging practice steeped in 50 years of Sri Dharma's experience of the classical traditions. One of the joys of Master Practice is exploring variations of advanced postures you may not encounter anywhere else in the world of today, as well as the instruction in how to take the steps necessary to acquire these postures. You will be guided through a purifying Deep Healing Relaxation session which includes Yoga Nidra, and can begin to cultivate the mind through invaluable and profound sacred teachings on the ethical rules (yama), the yogic observances (niyama), the laws of karma, yogic diet, ancient varied breathing practices and sound techniques. Sri Dharma helps guide each individual to quiet the turbulent mind so as to experience the peace, contentment, and realization of the Divinity already present within you. This two hour class with a master is a hidden gem in the middle of New York City.
Maha Sadhana
The Great Divine Whole and Complete Eternal Practices of Sri Dharma Mittra, recommended for intermediate through advanced practitioners. This amazing session begins with spiritual purification discourses explaining how the ancient teachings can find expression in our modern lives. You will be shown how to establish proper placement, alignment and the deep spiritual intention behind each pose. It continues with in-depth, long and challenging Dharma Yoga III-IV Shiva Namaskara Vinyasa practice, including healing Deep Relaxation and a reflective meditation practice. Also included is a joyous Devotional Dharma Asana Satsang Jam. Personal attention and helpful hints are given throughout the session as well as direction toward the real true goal of Yoga.
Yiannis Andritsos has been a dedicated teacher for over six years, with a specialty in Dharma Yoga, which is a Hatha-Raja Yoga passed in authentic tradition by Sri Dharma Mittra. He is an avid student of Bhakti yoga, Karma yoga, Sanskrit, meditation and pranayama (sacred breathing practices), and is also a Thai yoga masseuse, which has enlightened his teaching and knowledge of body dynamics.   He is committed to healing and helping others reach their full potential.
Previously, he worked in Athens as a personal trainer at a popular fitness center and was a professional dancer.
Yiannis began studying yoga when he moved to the United States from Greece in 2002. He met the great yoga master Sri Dharma Mittra, with whom he has been studying and practicing full time ever since, and had completed Dharma Yoga Life of a Yogi 200hr Teacher Training program.
Currently, Yiannis is teaching Dharma Yoga classes at numerous studios and health clubs around New York City. Inspired and awed by the way that yoga has transformed his life, Yiannis teaches so others may also experience the many amazing benefits of yoga to the body, mind and soul.  He feels incredibly grateful and blessed to be able to share all that yoga has to offer in a positive and inspiring way. 

Yiannis’s yoga classes are deeply focused, but also fun, spontaneous, and appropriate for all levels of practitioners, as various options and variations of each pose are always offered.  Coordinating movement with breath allows for the detoxification of energy channels, deeper concentration and meditation, and works to elevate and balance his students’ energy.  His warm-hearted humor and sincere devotion make every class a unique and pleasurable experience.

Click here for beautiful video from Yiannis - Shiva Namaskar Vinyasa!

Sri Dharma Mittra is founder and director of the Dharma Yoga Center, a sanctuary for the study of yoga in New York City since 1974. Know as the “Rock of Yoga” and the “Teacher’s Teacher”- Sri Dharma Mittra has spent most of his life in service to humanity, disseminating ancient classical teachings to help others achieve radiant health and spiritual development. Sri Dharma Mittra is known to yoga students worldwide through his Master Yoga Chart of 908 Postures. More info about Dharma Yoga and Shri Dharma Mittra...