Throughout the ’98 Martina was introduced to discipline of Yoga by her first teacher Tino Pavlin, whom she is grateful for giving her a basis of self-practice.

In 2005, she started to practice Ashtanga Vinyasa in Nava yoga center, as well as intensive teacher training under Marco Bianco and Sandra Đ. Bianco guidance, where successfully accomplished educational RYT 200 which authorized her to teach Power Vinyasa Yoga. Afterwards, she continued to educate herself for RYT 500.

During ’08/’09 she assisted Marco on Ashtanga program in Sangha studio, and continued to practice under his guidance till today.

She is deepening her knowledge and experience about Yoga throughout workshops held by international teachers ( Michael Gannon, Seane Corn, Bruno Bartulich, Neal Barker, Paul Dalaghan,  Anna Rossow...).

In 2008, she started the program Yoga Play for kids, and successfully completed the Rainbow Kids Yoga teacher training course 2012., under Cayetana Rodenas’s guidance.

Teachers that have had deeper and lasting impact on her practice are

Marco Bianco as a yoga teacher and also as a great support during last 6 years while attending Institute for Personal Development in Italy; Petra Carmichael with her generous spirit in the process of transmission from teacher to student..


Besides yoga, Martina was practicing and coaching fencing at the Fencing club Rapir, in Zagreb. A huge devotion shows for japanese martial art Aikido. 

Martina attended undergraduate program at Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and at Faculty of Philosophy.