Sandra Petra Pintaric

Sandra is devoted to yoga, and has been practicing since 2001. She began teaching in 2006 and has gained her knowledge of yoga from eminent world spiritual and yoga teachers throughout the last 15 years.

She explored the esoteric, astrology, spirituality, alternative and new age of the ancient Indian people. Since 1995 this symbolism and knowledge translated into artistic creations. In 2002 as luck would have it she found Art of Living association and for the past ten years has been influenced by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, where she began the study of yoga from him along with other inspiring spiritual teachers. It changed her life and gave her a deep practice of asana, pranayama, kriyas, meditation and karma yoga. In addition, for 5 years she practiced Ashtanga and Power Vinyasa yoga, and was also inspired by Krishnamacharya. She finished her RYT 200, at "Nava" an American school for Power Vinyasa Yoga, where she taught for 3 years. She visited many workshops with world known teachers in Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Power, Iyengar, Jivamukti Yoga Heart and Kundalini.

During her time at Nava studio she admired and was greatly inspirational by a poster of Sri Dharma Mittra's "908 Asana", which she observed daily. The desire for further progress and interest in Sri Dharma started from posters which led her to exploration via the Internet, images, texts, etc., prompting her to think about going to New York to learn from the master, one of the greatest living yogis of the West. Since meeting with him everything for Sandra has completely changed. She graduated from the "Life of a Yogi" TT RYT 500 (2011) and has become an internationally recognized Dharma Yoga teacher. Since then, she regularly trained and attended various workshops with senior teachers of Sri Dharma around the world; ensuring that she frequently visits New York and London, in order to be greatly inspired. She found her dharma and brought us Dharma yoga in Croatia. She is deeply grateful to all the knowledge that she has gained and to have the opportunity to share it further.

"The teachings of Sri Dharma bring the light of the real practice of yoga, guiding us to the path of righteousness. By following the Yamas and Niyamas as the foundation of daily practice, we learn to surrender our ego and purify the mind as it were understood that Divinity dwells in everyone. Beyond the body and mind stuff, we are all the same portion of the Supreme. " Yoshio Hama

In 2001, Sandra resigned from her position in media and publishing to further peruse her path in yoga. Since then, she lives through yoga and works in the world of art and fashion. She ran the two galleries, an art studio and has held various exhibitions. She has been teaching yoga since 2006, in 2008 joined the Nava team, and from 2009 has devoted herself to teaching and running the Divya Yoga Centre alongside co-owner Peter Carmichael. Since then she has regularly studied and retained knowledge of the Vedas, spirituality and bhakti yoga, as well as professional training for Vastu: Yoga design space, Vedic architecture and symbolism (

She writes blogs for and portaloko.