Divya yoga program

All Yoga classes are tailored to students of all ages and are taught in Croatian as well as in English. Our mission is to help others reach a greater sense of self awareness, happiness and inner peace by sharing our knowledge through yoga! 

We are here to serve and accommodate you in all possible ways and be free to email us with any questions or suggestions you may have, either to inquire about our Yoga Program, teachers, prices, events, personalized programs, or simply to give us your feedback. 
 more than 30 regular yoga classes weekly:
Pranayama and Breath Work
Deep Relaxation
YOGA NIDRA - yogic sleaping . guided meditation
 Lectures of Vedic Philosophy
DIVYA YOGA RETREAT is designed for everyone regardless of age and acquired knowledge and skills in order to make  your summer holidays a special time to gain and deepen your spiritual and practical knowledge which originates from ancient wisdom of Vedas and help us to be more successful on the path of self-realization and fulfillment, living healthier and happier life. A big variety of programs, pleasant company, deep rest and relaxation, swimming and sunbathing and delicious, vegetarian meals are waiting for you!
ONE TO ONE Private Yoga Lessons 1-2 people. Private yoga sessons are an excellent way to achieve the benefits of yoga, track your individual progress, and save time by never having to leave home. Each hatha yoga class is designed specifically for you, and will focus on exercises for your body type, taking into consideration your fitness level, stress level, and your personal health and goals. You'll get more hands on attention than you would ever get at a public class. You choose the day and time of your sessions. Sessions take place in the comfort of your own home, in your private hotel room, or another location of your choice. Each sesson will be adapted to meet your individual needs.
CORPORATE - Yoga for Companies Health And Yoga through its vast network of differentially qualified yoga and meditation teachers, offers a range of programs geared specifically for those in Corporate life. Corporate Life by its very nature, induces stress at every stage which builds up to several complications. Beginning from basic reasons such as edebtary lifestyle to advanced reasons such as professional excellence and ambition, the factors form a dangerous concoction for personal health.

Clients: PLIVA d.d., SKF d.o.o., ROCHE d.o.o.


VASTU TIPS  by Sandra Petra Pintaric
Tel: +385994922261, E-mail: sandra@yogazagreb.com
Vastu is a holistic concept of Vedic architecture and interior design which respects harmony with nature, and is also the precursor to Feng Shui. Sandra is also by profession an interior designer and she became interested in this discipline several years ago. She is continuing her studies as consultant at the Vedic Vastu Academy in Belgrade, Serbia. Sandra creates unique Sri Yantras and decorations, ideal for your home. You can get advice on how to design and furnish your home, whether it is a new home or just a wish to make changes in the existing one. Sandra will assist you in positioning things in the right place and in this way bring harmony to both your home and life.