September 5, 2015
Maha sadhana is Great - Divine - Whole and Complete Eternal Practices, recommended for intermediate through advanced practitioners. You will be shown how to establish proper placement, alignment and the spiritual intention of each pose. It continues with in-depth, long and challenging Dharma III-IV Shiva Namaskara practice, including healing deep relaxation and a reflective meditation practice. Personal attention and helpful hints are given throughout the session as well as direction toward the real true goal of Yoga. Focus: Inversions & Arm balancing asanas, preparations and variations. Saturday 12-15h. Reservation is 70 kn, 3 hours session is 150 kn. Reserve your place on time. Info and reservation: sandra@yogazagreb.com

September 22.-28. 2015
One full week of Ashtanga practice with the inspiring, level 2 authorized teacher Ajay Tokas. Mysore style classes on weekdays. Guided Primary LED classes in the weekend. Two afternoon weekend workshops on the basic elements of the practice. Weekend Workshops:
Saturday: “Jump back Jump through”: Fly or float , straight arms or bent, cross legs or straight, lift up but HOW? Where to focus, where to get the strength, what to do? All the answers and more details about the practice, tips and techniques will be found in this workshop. Ajay will teach the elements of strength and how to further improve your movements in jump back and through. Leading to a gradual progress in balancing on your hands. Sunday: “Spine Mobility“: Learn the fundamentals of backbends in a safe and effective way which helps to develop the strength and flexibility of spine. Focusing on drop backs, opening of the shoulders, correct breathing and movements with maximum awareness which helps the body to reach the full potential of the spine and its health. Read more...