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RYT 500 Certified Yoga Teacher

For Jelena everything started in 1976 because she was born that year in the most beautiful city in the world—Paris. A few years after that, she moves to Zadar with her parents. There she finishes elementary school and attends classes in a ballet school. During high school she sings in Juraj Baraković girls' choir and travels with it a lot, especially during the Homeland War. At that time she also works at 057, the local radio  station. In Zagreb she graduates from the Faculty of Political Sciences and majors in journalism. She has been working for the media for years. At the moment she works for Croatian Radio.

She has completed the second level of Reiki which she gladly puts into practice and applies it with love whenever necessary.

Jelena discovers yoga in 2004 and immediately, as a real aquarious, after the first class falls in love with that ancient discipline which marks her future path with the freedom of body and spirit.

Since then she has been attending Power, Vinyasa, Iyengar and Ashtanga Yoga classes learning from world famous instructors like Susan Lippy Orem, Sarah Willis, Sonja Rzepski, Marco Bianco. In order to deepen her knowledge and practice and inspired by Marco Bianco, who has initiated the first Croatian yoga teacher training according to the highest international standards, in 2006 Jelena starts a 2-year yoga teacher training. While in the training she leads beginner classes in Sangha Yoga Studio. Thus, she has completed her 200-hour teacher training (RYT-200).


In the meantime she further deepens her practice by attending workshops by Brian Kest, Sean Corn, Shiva Rea, Duncan Wong etc. Jelena embarks upon a deeper exploration of her yogic path in 2008 and with additional 200 hours completes her advanced teacher training (Gaia Tree Yoga TT) in Bali, thus specializing in Ashtanga Yoga. In the same year in London she completes advanced teacher training with David Swenson and learns to give firm and confident assistance..

in 2009 in Paris, she has improved her practice of Ashtanga Yoga primary series (Mysore style) with Geralde Disse, a certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher. He has introduced her into Ashtanga Yoga secondary series and she is currently practicing it. At the beginning of 2010 Jelena travels to faraway India, to Mysore, where at the very source of tradition, at Ashtanga Yoga Institute, she can learn with a direct guidance from Sharat Rangaswami.          

Every day she enriches her life with good will and positive thoughts like: 'Life is not a riddle to be solved but a mistery to be lived.'(Osho)

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