Welcome to the Divya yoga community!

Divya Yoga is located in the heart of Zagreb, Kralja Držislava 14/II. where you can find the time to get in touch with your heart and soul. We are happy to announce our yoga centre, the best possible space for your yoga practice, which meet all your needs. 
All Yoga classes are tailored to students of all ages and are taught in Croatian as well as in English. The owners of Divya Yoga centre:
Sandra Petra Pintaric and Petra Carmichael well known and experienced yoga teachers in Croatia.

Word Divya means Divine on Sanskrit. Our mission is to help others reach a greater sense of self awareness, happiness and inner peace by sharing our knowledge through yoga! We look forward to welcome you with great joy to our yoga studio- the yoga oasis in the City of Zagreb.
Absolute Beginners
Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (Mysore, LED)
Kundalini Yoga
Yoga nidra, Deep Relaxation 

ONE ON ONE Individual yoga program. CORPORATE Yoga for Companies.
Special Programs: YOGA THERAPY, 40 Days - WAKE UP Morning Cycle.

Besides this, Workshops of nationaly and internationaly recognised yoga teachers, Master yoga classes and summer yoga retreats at Croatian coast. All Divya Teachers are internationaly recognised by associations like American Yoga alliance

Create your own exercising routine by choosing any drop-in Yoga class that fits your schedule. All your Yoga needs can be accommodated.
We are here to serve and accommodate you in all possible ways and be free to email us with any questions or suggestions you may have, either to inquire about our Yoga Program, teachers, prices, events, personalized programs, or simply to give us your feedback. If you want to be inform about Divya news and informations about yoga send as a mail: divya@yogazagreb.com