Dharma Yoga Retreat 2012

7 days - Daily Dharma yoga Master practice, Maha Sadhana, Yoga Nidra, Self Realization, Breathing and Meditation, Psychic Development technique and Satsang.
The focus of this program is to grow beyond the asana practice and well informed practice of Pranayama, Kriya and meditation. A challenging and physically absorbing Shiva Vinyasa Namaskar series created by Sri Dharma Mittra for Dharma I, II, III, IV, and V. It reintegrates the flow of prana through the spinal column and emanates deep into all areas of the physical, metabolic, intuitive, and bliss bodies. It promotes harmony within all these layers so a concentrated state of radiant health is achieved. The highest crowning meditative asanas, pranayama (breathing techniques), and yoga nidra (psychic sleep), which are embedded in the deep roots of Dharma Mittra's teachings, are imparted to the student. Pranayama uses the breath and the entire respiratory system to purify and strengthen the nerves which leads to greater control of the senses and a subsequent calmer and clearer mind, not just when sitting but throughout the day, when practiced consistently for a long time. Here is the opportunity to be introduced and grow through these techniques in a supportive environment. Psychic Development" technique and meditation will give you special touch on this retreat. We will have daily practice on the beach and beautiful Sunset at Island of Silba. More about Dharma yoga...
The daily program on Yoga retreat at Silba island: 

7:30 am

Morning herbal tea

8:00-10:00 am

Intention and Day Opening


DHARMA YOGA Practice, detailed guidance in the Asanas, Yoga Nidra, Breathwork-Pranayama, Kriyas and Meditation

12-13:00 am


13-18:00 am

LUNCH Vegeterian


Free time, beach, sightseeing, walks...

6:00-8:00 pm

Pranayama, Psychic Development technique, Sunset Meditation, Yoga philosophy lectures and Satsang

8-9:00 pm

DINNER Vegeterian

9 pm...

Free time...


The retreats begin on Saturday after your arrival on Silba by catamaran from Zadar at 2:30 pm and finish on Saturday after departure from Silba at 5:40 am by boat from Silba to Zadar (the tickets will be reserved for all registered). Returned ticket is 32 KN. We will wait for you and welcome you on Silba. Villa Ana is situated 10 minutes of an easy walk from the port and transportation of luggage will be organized by tractor, which is the only existing motor transportation on Silba. It is not planned to take pets on holidays. 

Payment/Cost: € 540. Rates Per Person Include the Following: 7 Nights Accommodation in Villa Ana, Daily fresh Vegeterian food (lunch, dinner), Yoga Workshop and turistic tax. Travel not included. Booking Details: Booking Fee 250 EUR, payment after booking 290 EUR. Registration deadline for booking is the end of June 2011.


Info and booking detalis: e-mail: sandra@yogazagreb.com, phone: +385994992261


is newly constructed villa near the sea with its own private beach and the apartments for 25 people. It has 5 apartments for 4-6 persons and two studios for two persons.
FOOD: Daily fresh vegetarian meels, prepared by experienced ayurvedic cooks. Buffet style servings, two to three meals, depending on the retreat.

DIVYA YOGA RETREAT is designed for everyone regardless of age and acquired knowledge and skills in order to make  your summer holidays a special time to gain and deepen your spiritual and practical knowledge which originates from ancient wisdom of Vedas and help us to be more successful on the path of self-realization and fulfillment, living healthier and happier life.



ISLAND OF SILBA is very environmentally clean. We have no cars, pesticides and fertilizers. The ongoing developmnet of tourism is the result of rich navy culture. 
Island of Silba if full with rich vegetation and beautiful little sandy or gravelled bays which are very important for a pleasant vacation in the untouched nature but also for development of nautical tourism. It is also important to say that Silba has been nominated for Nature park status. There are no roads for cars or motorcycles on Silba, so peace and quiet help you to relax and enjoy every second of your vacation. That is one of the reasons why Silba attracts tourists. The other reason is Adriatic sea because of its incredible clearness and warmness during the summer. So if you decide to spend your vacation at this beautiful island, we guarantee that you will have great time and that you will come back again next year. More about Island of Silba...


Sri Dharma Mittra is founder and director of the Dharma Yoga Center, a sanctuary for the study of yoga in New York City since 1974. Know as the “Rock of Yoga” and the “Teacher’s Teacher”- Sri Dharma Mittra has spent most of his life in service to humanity, disseminating ancient classical teachings to help others achieve radiant health and spiritual development. Sri Dharma Mittra is known to yoga students worldwide through his Master Yoga Chart of 908 Postures. 
Yiannis Andritsos
has been a dedicated teacher for over seven years, with a specialty in Dharma Yoga, which is a Hatha-Raja Yoga passed in authentic tradition by Sri Dharma Mittra. He is an avid student of Bhakti yoga, Karma yoga, Sanskrit, meditation and pranayama (sacred breathing practices), and is also a Thai yoga masseuse, which has enlightened his teaching and knowledge of body dynamics. He is committed to healing and helping others reach their full potential. Previously, he worked in Athens as a personal trainer at a popular fitness center and was a professional dancer.
Yiannis began studying yoga when he moved to the United States from Greece in 2002. He met the great yoga master Sri Dharma Mittra, with whom he has been studying and practicing full time ever since, and had completed Dharma Yoga Life of a Yogi 200hr Teacher Training program.
Currently, Yiannis is teaching Dharma Yoga classes at numerous studios and health clubs around New York City. Inspired and awed by the way that yoga has transformed his life, Yiannis teaches so others may also experience the many amazing benefits of yoga to the body, mind and soul.  He feels incredibly grateful and blessed to be able to share all that yoga has to offer in a positive and inspiring way. Yiannis’s yoga classes are deeply focused, but also fun, spontaneous, and appropriate for all levels of practitioners, as various options and variations of each pose are always offered.  Coordinating movement with breath allows for the detoxification of energy channels, deeper concentration and meditation, and works to elevate and balance his students’ energy.  His warm-hearted humor and sincere devotion make every class a unique and pleasurable experience. Click here for the beautiful video from Yiannis - Shiva Namaskar Vinyasa!
Sandra Petra Pintaric is certified and experienced Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and Dharma yoga teacher. Sandra is co-owner and co-leader of Divya Yoga Centre & Divya Yoga School RYT 200/500. She is also an Vastu Adviser, Interior Designer and Artist. She entered the world of Yoga in 1992-93 through the Bhakti Yoga philosophy. In 2001 she start more seriously practicing independently and studying the yogic philosophy. After completing a course at the ART OF LIVING, her practice of yogic techniques pranayama, asana, sudarshan kriya, meditation and yoga nidra deepened and intensified to daily training. She studied with Croatian Art of Living teachers as well with Ananda Vdovic and her first teacher Sri Sri Ravi Shankar by attending advanced courses. Later
perfected her knowledge by enrolling into a Teachers Training Program at NAVA Yoga Zagreb with Nikki Colon Power Vinyasa Yoga & Restorative Iyengar style and Ashtanga Mysore with Steven Leibs. 
In January 2011 she went to the New York to study with Shri Dharma Mittra. That was her wish for the long time, to continue yoga education with him. After the advanced 500 hour Teachers training she is very deditated to her new path in yoga and to the beautiful teachings of Dharma yoga. For the first time in Croatia she promotes Dharma yoga classes and workshops. She has learned yoga also with Mark Whitwell (Yoga of Heart), Richard Freeman (Ashtanga Yoga), Sean Corn (Vinyasa Flow Yoga), Bryan Kest (Power Yoga) and from teachers of Jivamukti yoga with Sharon Gannon, David Life, Gabrijela Bozić and Petros Haffenrichter. She is inspired by her teacher Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (Founder of Art of Living Foundation) as well with Sri Dharma Mittra, Sacinandana Swami, Swami Kailashananda, Swami Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada, Swami Sivananda, Parahamsa Yogananda, Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya and many other great Yoga Teachers. She follows her heart (Ishvara Pranidhana) and the way of Bhakti. More about Sandra...