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22. Roaring Twenties Radio Program

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Due Date: 3 PM, Saturday, February 18th

Groups of students will demonstrate their knowledge of American life during the Roaring Twenties through creating a 30 minute radio program highlighting economic, cultural, social and political events of the period.

Project Summary:

Students will be expected to create a 30 minute radio program using the guidelines below.  In addition, students will meet various content checkpoints throughout the project to help them gain understanding of America in the 1920s.

 Content Categories:
Topics to Consider:
 Radio Program Elements
 Economics-Economic Prosperity
-Quality of Life
-Big Business
-Labor Unrest
-Mass Production
-Stock Market
 Songs-portions of at least TWO 1920s songs
-can be used on their own or as background music
-DO NOT PLAY THE ENTIRE SONG, pick the best part.
 Pop Culture
-Movies with Sound
-Radio Dramas
-Jazz Age
-Harlem Renaissance
-Spectator Sports
-Youth Culture
-The Lost Generation
 Advertisements -TWO or more ads focusing on popular/new products of the eras
-MUST be created by the group, but needs to SOUND like 1920s ads.

-Rights for Women
-Organized Crime
 Interview -ONE or more interviews between a 1920s radio announcer and a popular person of the day
-Set the interview just after or just before a major event in that person's life.
-Red Scare
 News -THREE or more major news stories from the 1920s. 
-Focus on major events from any of the content categories. 
 Leading Figures:
-Warren G. Harding
-Louis Armstrong
-Duke Ellington
-Bessie Smith
-Benny Goodman
-George Gershwin
-F. Scott Fitzgerald
-Langston Hughes
-Marcus Garvey
-Al Capone
-James Cagney
-Texas Guinan
-George Raft
-Mayor Big Bill Thompson
-Calvin Coolidge
-Henry Ford
-Babe Ruth
-Charles Lindbergh
 Radio Drama
 -Create a short skit that would come from a popular radio drama of that day.
-It could be a mystery, comedy, romance, or family sitcom
-Add sound effects to help tell your story
-Remember, your audience can't see you so you have to feed their imaginations.
   Literature -ONE or more readings from a popular book, poem or play from the 1920s. 
-These don't have to be lengthy, pick a reading that best fits the 1920s culture.

Student Roles:

The entire group needs to be heard on the completed radio program, but this does not mean that all group members have to be present during all taping.  You can record parts, and piece them together using Garage Band. 

Groups will need to assign each member to at least one of the following categories:

 Role:     Responsibility:
 Program Manager
-Responsible for making sure checkpoints are met
-Deals with problems among the members
-Final decisions student roles
-Sign off on everyone's pieces to make sure they meet expectations.
-Signs off on final project
 Program Editor
-Needs background in Garage Band
-Pieces all portions of the program together
-Send final project to all group members and Miss Brown
 Researchers-Gather information for news reports and interview
-Constructs News Program Script
-Constructs Interview Script
 Creative Thinkers
-Researches for and Creates the Advertisement Scripts
-Writes the Radio Drama Skit
Arts and Sound
-Selects songs that will be included in the program
-Arranges Sound Effects
-Selects the literature pieces that will be included in the program

Roaring Twenties Role Assignments

Project Checkpoints:
Day 1:
-Select Member Roles
-Complete 20.3 Worksheet on Economics
-Work on Project
-Read 21.3 and 21.4

Day 2:
-Pop Culture Discussion/Reading Check
-Work on Projects
-Work on Project
-Read 20.1, 21.1 and 21.2

Day 3:
-Society Discussion/Reading Check
-Work on Projects
-Final taping of Projects
-Read 20.2

Day 4:
-Politics Discussion/Reading Check
-Piece Project together
-Post Finish Projects on Blogger (2/18 by 3PM)
-Send a copy of project to Miss Brown (2/18 by 3PM)
-Listen to one other group's radio program

Feb. 20/21:  Project Reflection Activity in Class.

Project Rubric:

Content: 60%

-For each category, at least 3 topics should be mentioned, 2 of which should be explained and evaluated in detail.

Requirements: 25%
-News Reports----5%
-Radio Drama-----5%

-Each requirement should be present with high quality scripts.  Information should be from the era and be presented in a clear manner that befits the period of study.

Performance: 15%

-Thoughtfulness and Passion should be poured into your Radio Program. Make the audience interested in what you have to say.  Also, you teammates will rate your participation, so no one should be a slacker.