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11. Bookr Project: Sectionalism and Manifest Destiny

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    During the mid-1800s, America was having some "family problems".  Arguments over the development of the West, the expansion of slavery, and the industrial focus of the country sparked heated debates and sectional conflict in the Antebellum Period.  In 1861, the tensions ignited with the beginning of the American Civil War.  But, what led up to this war?  Was the war only about slavery, or was there more to it?

Task: Using the web based program "bookr", you will create a picture book that demonstrates 20 factors that led up to the beginning of the American Civil War. 

Central Question:

"What caused the American Civil War?"

Project Musts:

  • Cover Page with Interesting Title and your name and block
  • 20 Picture pages depicting 20 events that influenced the start of the Civil War
  • 2+ Sentence description for each event that explains the relevance of the event
  • Professional Grammar
  • Pictures must be from flickr and must be licensed for sharing
  • Final Project should be emailed to Miss Brown and published on your blogger site by 11:59 on the due date.
    • US.(Block Letter).Causes of the Civil War. Last Name, First Name
  • A Bibliography should be attached to the email that you send me.
    • Must be in MLA format
    • Include all the information sources you used
    • Pictures should be from flickr and have a creative commons license, so they do not need to be cited in your bibliography
Project Details:
Step 1: Research the Question
  • Read chapter 9 and 10 of your textbook, research credible websites, or explore books in the library.
Step 2: Choose your Events/People/Ideas
  • From what you have read/researched, choose 20 events/people/ideas that impacted the spark of the American Civil War.
Step 3: Write Summaries
  • For each of your 20 events, write two or more sentences that prove the relevance of how the event supports the central question
  • Keep your summaries to the point.  You want to say as much as you can, by using as few words as possible.
Step 4: Find Pictures on Flickr
  • Sign into Flickr, which is tied to yahoo accounts.
  • Type in the key word you are looking for in the search box in the top right hand corner
  • Select a picture you are interested in from the choices provided
  • Scroll down the page, until you see the "License" section in the right hand column.  If the license says "All rights reserved", you may NOT use the photo.  All options should work for this type of assignment.
  • When you've found a picture with the proper license:
    • Press the "Actions" tab above the picture
    • Click "Add to Gallery"
    • You may need to make a gallery first, then add the picture
    • You should store all 20 pictures here until you are ready to make your bookr presentation
  • If you can't find the type of picture you want, you could create your own pictures (of non-copyrighted material) and upload them to your flickr account.  Then you could add your own drawings or creations to your bookr project.
Step 5: Insert your Pics and Summaries into Bookr
  • Go to Bookr to begin your projects
  • WARNING: Bookr does not save your work if you navigate away from the page.  Be sure you have all your information ready to go before you start your Bookr.
  • To Insert Picture:
    • Choose the page where you want the picture to go.
    • Type in the Flickr user name of the photographer and the tag (words used to search for your picture)
    • Options should appear on the bar at the bottom of the screen, click on the picture you wish to put in your project.
  • Type in your summary for each event.
  • Be sure to make a creative cover page.
Step 6: Publish your Bookr
  • Press the "Publish This Book!" button at the bottom right of the page.
Step 7: Share your Bookr
  • Email me your project by clicking "share" at the bottom of the page.
    • Select Gmail
    • Send me the link along with your attached bibliography
  • Publish on your Blogger Account
    • "Share"
    • "Blogger"--You can write a blogger post and include your link inside of it. 
    • Be sure to tag/label the post "US History"
Important Dates:
Oct. 12-13: Work Days
Oct. 19 (D): Project Due
Oct. 20 (F/G): Project Due

Project Check list:

1) Research Question
2) Choose 20 Events/People/Ideas
3) Write Summaries
4) Find Pictures
5) Insert Pics/Summaries into Bookr
6) Publish
7) Share your Bookr
  •  Email to Miss Brown
  •  Publish on Blogger