06. The Muslim World

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The Muslim empires you have studied in chapter 2 based their rule on the Islamic religion. Islam remains an important social and political force in modern Turkey, Iran, India, and Pakistan.

Directions: Work with a team to find out the status of Muslims in one of these countries today. Then collaborate with the other teams to create a summary chart of these modern Muslim countries. Using the Internet or other reference sources, determine the status of Muslims in your team’s country.

Questions to research:

  • What role do Muslims play in the government?
  • Do the country’s leaders promote religious tolerance? Explain.
  • What is the overall economic status of Muslim population of your country?
  • Do any other religions have an influence in the culture and politics? Explain.
Specific Instructions:                                                                                                                                                                                                       
  • Create a Google Presentation to showcase your work. Share your doc with every member of your group and Miss Brown
  • Each member should be in charge of one question. If you have 5 people in your group, two people may work together
  • Presentations should have:
    •  Accurate Information
    • Good Grammar and Spelling
    •  Creative Presentation (remember, sometimes the fewer words used is best).
  • Be sure to Edit each others work, but don't take over another person's slides.
We will review the presentations after the quiz on Friday.  Please have them completed for Friday's class.


 Turkey Najat, Kathryn, Neo, Andrew
 Iran Tom, Jennifer, Masahiro, Emily, Michelle
 India Chris, Thomas, Penelope, Sally

 Pakistan Jin Woo, Amanda, Nabil, Joe

Helpful site provided by classzone.com: 

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 The Republic of Iran