22. Key Figures of Revolutionary Russia

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 Role-playing and writing about key figures of the revolutionary period


 To learn more about these historical personalities and their beliefs

  • Pairs of students will select a key figure from revolutionary Russia to investigate. 
    •     Examples of figures: Nicholas II, Alexandra, Rasputin, Lenin, Trotsky, Kerensky

  • One student will role-play the charter while the other poses as a journalist/interviewer.
  •  Pairs of students should work together to...
    • Conduct a believable interview
    • Then write a newspaper story about the person
    • Students will also create a propaganda poster that fits the message of their newspaper story (see page 446-447 for inspiration).

During the next class period...
  • Each pair will read their completed news stories aloud to the class. 
  • Audience members will then conduct a question-and-answer session, such as would occur at a press conference.  Students should ask questions relevant to the particular figure's role in the Russian Revolution. 


                                                             Excellent             Good              Fair              Poor          

                Newspaper Article         20pts                        20-17                  16-14             13-10           9 and below

                Poster                                10pts                        10-8                    7-5                  4-3              2 and below

                Presentation                    10pts                        10-8                    7-5                  4-3              2 and below

                Interview                          10pts                        10-8                    7-5                  4-3              2 and below